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Microsoft Power BI Logo
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Microsoft Power BI is a Business Intelligence software, designed by Microsoft in 2011. The program consists of services, which work together to analyze information from different sources, bringing it into single information well.

Meaning and history

Microsoft Power BI Logo History

Microsoft Power BI is a collection of software services, applications, and connectors that work together to turn disparate data sources into coherent, visually immersive, and interactive analytics.

Power BI is an analytical environment, a set of programs and online services, that provides the ability to connect to any information downloaded from different sources, combine and bring this information into a single standardized data model, to calculate the necessary parameters based on these combined data, to build visual charts, reports, and dashboards.

BI in the name of the service stands for “Business Intelligence”, which is an analytics system that combines data from different information sources, transforms it, and presents it in a visual form that is easy to analyze. BI technologies enable the processing of large unstructured volumes of data for business decision-making by company management.

The Power BI from Microsoft includesa Power BI Desktop application for creating data models and developing reports, Online Power BI Service for publishing reports, and Power BI Mobile apps for viewing reports on mobile devices and tablets under Windows, iOS, and Android.

What is Microsoft Power BI?
Microsoft Power BI is a set of Microsoft software services that work together to turn unrelated company data sources into holistic, interactive reports. Power BI was designed in 2011 to create individual company reports, as well as company presentations and business plans.

As for the visual identity, the Microsoft Power BI icon has been changing accordingly to the major company’s redesigns, switching between three versions of the logo since 2011.

2013 — 2016

Microsoft Power BI Logo 2013

The badge, used by the software until 2016, was composed of five solid yellow elements placed against a white background and formed an abstract analytic table with four columns and a diagonally oriented framing with an open contour. It was a very bright and dynamic icon, which perfectly reflected the purpose of Microsoft Power BI services. The second option of the icon featured black elements on a yellow background.

2016 — 2020

Microsoft Power BI Logo 2016

The redesign of 2016 has changed the geometry of the Power BI logo, placing the frame with rounded angles straight and alternating the heights of the columns, with the tied one now shorter than both the second and the fourth. The ends of the columns were rounded, which supported the overall smooth design of the logo. The black and yellow version was also in use during these years.

2020 — Today

Microsoft Power BI Logo

The Microsoft Power BI icon was redesigned according to the new style of the company in 2020. The badge became voluminous and calm, with three wide overlapping columns in different shades of yellow, placed against a white background without any framing.

Font and color

The Microsoft Power BI visual identity consists of only graphical icons, with no additional lettering on them, hence no official typeface is used with the badge, just the corporate Microsoft one.

As for the color palette of the Microsoft Power BI visual identity, it is based on three shades of yellow with some light gray gradients, used for the shadowing. Yellow is a color of energy and dynamics, which looks very professional and bright in the Power BI logo, reflecting expertise and confidence.