Rolex Logo

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Rolex Logo
Although the Rolex logo is more than a century old there have been almost no amendments to its shape and proportions, except for minor ones.

Meaning and history

Rolex Logo history

The Rolex company was established in 1903 by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother-in-law, Alfred James Davis. According to many sources, the crown insignia, which was to become one of the most recognizable logos in the world, was created five years later. However, it was not until 1925 that it was registered as a trademark.

Meaning behind the symbol

symbol Rolex
The logotype comprises two key parts: the crown image and the typographical wordmark. Both of them have their unique meaning.
The crown has always been a symbol of honor and prestige, and this goes well with the core values of the Rolex brand. The company’s history preserved no record as to whether there were any additional reasons for the co-founders to opt for this emblem. However, there are quite a few hypotheses. One of them states that the crown symbolizes the human hand, referring to the number of points of the crown as a proof. Another hypothesis suggests that the design represents tree branches topped in pearls.

How has the emblem changed

Rolex emblem
The original logo included a golden crown and a green wordmark complemented with a golden outline. In 1965 the symbol acquired a bronze hue, while the wordmark became blue with a gray shade.
The other emblem modification took place in 2002. The crown became gold once again, while the wordmark became green.


Font Rolex Logo
The Rolex insignia is based on the Garamond typeface, but some of the characters have been modified so as to make the logo more unique.


Color Rolex Logo
The combination of gold and green has been present in the Rolex logo throughout most of its history. The golden crown emphasizes the fact that the company focuses on precious materials, while green may be interpreted as the color of money, a symbol of richness and prosperity.