Real Madrid Logo

Real Madrid Logo
The earliest Real Madrid logo was totally different from the one that is used now. However, in 1908 the emblem acquired the shape that was very close to the current one.

Meaning and history


The first emblem, which was created in 1902, featured three interlacing letters, “MCF”. The letters stood for Madrid Club de Fútbol. The emblem itself was blue, while the shirts on which it appeared were white. Although the design was visually appealing and elegant, it was far from being legible.
The second logo, which was introduced in 1908, made a little step forward in terms of legibility. Again, it was based on the club’s initials, but this time they looked absolutely different. The logo was based on a circle motif. The letter “M” acquired an unusual shape resembling a circle, another circle was used as a border for the emblem. In fact, all the following versions of the logo featured the same interlacing letters, with minor alterations.
The following major logo update occurred in 1920. It was the first time when a crown became a part of the emblem. This fact had a remarkable explanation. The new element in the emblem reflected the club’s new status: it received royal patronage from King Alfonso XIII. The word “Real”, which is translated into English as “Royal”, was added to the club’s name so as to emphasize its connection to the royal family.

The 1931 symbol

Real Madrid symbol
After the Second Republic was proclaimed in 1931, it was unwise to retain any symbols of the monarchy. So, the crown was removed from the crest, while the word “Real” disappeared from the club’s name. Instead of the crown, a mulberry band, the symbol of Castile, was added to the emblem.
In 1941, following the Civil War, the crown returned to the logo. It appeared together with the mulberry band. The word “Real” appeared in the club’s name again.


Real Madrid Logo
The three letters used in the logo do not belong to any of the existing typefaces. Each character has been created from scratch. The most unusual letter is probably “M”, while “C” and “F” look more standard.

Color symbolism

Color Real Madrid Logo
Each of the colors dominating the logo has a symbolic meaning. Yellow is known as the symbol of gold. In case of Real Madrid, it also represents the connection with the royal house. Red stands for energy, passion, and desire to win, while blue symbolizes loyalty and stability.
The colors have the following hex codes: #FEBE10 (yellow), #00529F (blue), and (#EE324E).The colors shouldn’t be modified irrespective of the size of the emblem itself. They look the same no matter whether they are used on Real Madrid logo 512×512 or a very small version of the emblem.
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