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Merci is the name of a chocolate brand, which was established at the beginning of the 2000s in Germany. Today the label of small chocolate bars with a variety of fillings is well-known not only in Europe but all over the globe. Merci brand is owned by August Stork.

Meaning and history

Merci logo

In comparison to other world’s chocolate brands, Merci is a pretty young label, and its visual identity, created at the beginning of the brand’s history, has stayed with it today, reflecting stability, quality and style.

Though even the Merci logo was changed once, it went unnoticed. The original concept was composed of a gradient gold logotype in the lowercase, with the small red heart, set above the last letter of the wordmark, “I”. The initial inscription was executed in a fancy custom serif font, where “R” and “C” had their upper tails emboldened and curved. It looked playful and fancy.

In a few years, the typeface of the logotype was switched to a stricter serif, without any exaggerated elements. Although, the color palette and the red heart stayed in their place, so the difference was not big.

Sometimes the golden inscription is complemented by a lightweight handwritten “Finest chocolate” tagline, written in red, using sharp slanted lines.

The Merci logo is usually placed on a white background, under a picture of the thin chocolate candies, placed vertically on a red square. This color contrast and bold lines of the letters make the visual identity of the brand strong and stylish, and perfectly show the confidence of the company and its fundamental approach.