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Tangled is the name of a Disney franchise about princess Rapunzel, which was first introduced in 2010. Today it is one of the most popular brands among the little girls across the globe, which has several books, movies, and tv-series created under the brand.

Meaning and history

Tangled logo

The visual identity of the Rapunzel stories is girly and tender. Composed of a wordmark with the iconic Disney logo above it, it is elegant and sophisticated, just as the franchise for young ladies has to look like.

The official version of the Tangled logo is executed in gradient gold and features a glossy metallic pattern, which makes the whole wordmark look three-dimensional and vivid. The lettering in a title case is written in a fancy serif typeface with elongated tails and sharp thin serifs of the letters.

The main element of the nameplate is the letter “G” and its long curved tail, which underlined the letter “N” and makes it bottom part a little archer up.

Another color variation for the Tangled logo is purple and white. This version is flat, unlike the gold one, and here each letter has a distinct white outline, which allows placing the emblem on any possible background without losing its visibility and sol-idness.

Simple and elegant, the Tangled logo has everything it needs to show the purpose and the audience of the franchise, without forgetting its main company, Disney.