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Versace logo

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Versace logo history

The famous fashion designer’s very first collection received its own emblem – the Versace logo. The logo was designed as thoroughly as the collection itself, as long as it was to make the brand recognizable. To say the least, today the brand sets the pitch in the world of fashion and home design.
Versace logo
A Gorgon is one of the trickiest and most multifarious figures in the Ancient Greek (or, possibly, earlier) mythology. All readers of Ovid and his Metamorphoses find it captivating. By choosing the symbol for his future fashion house, Versace a sort of added a touch of mystery and mysticism to his collection. Legendary Medusa felt well in the realm of the fiercest of all elements – the Sea, and woe betide those who’d dare get in her way. Those who’d fall a victim to the merciless beauty would be turned into stone. Only one had the strength to resist Medusa’s deadly beauty – Perseus, as he used her in his battles against other characters just as fabulous as himself. However, to overcome Medusa’s beauty, he had to cut off her head…
logo Versace
A female head with snakes instead of hair is one of the most recognizable images in the world. Yes, both in the world of fashion and just the world at large.
Throughout the 1980s, Gianni Versace, already a renowned and popular fashion designer, cooperated with La Scala (a world-renowned Italian opera theater) producers, studied fashion books (including those about dress design), and continued to enrich his huge collection of professional awards (Versace is the only three-time Golden Eye winner, and it is onlyt one of his professional reaches). The King of Fashion himself and the twentieth century’s most famous couturiere, as he was termed even by his enemies, lived a short life and was shot by a mad gunman near his house. His sister, Donatella Versace, took over the management of the fashion house. Today, many fashion designers, both young and fairly famous, consider it an honor to cooperate with the Versace fashion house. Many still believe that if they do, Medusa’s magic will help them reach immeasurable professional heights.


Versace symbol
It is not for nothing that Versace is the brand it is today: every collection from this fantastic designer carried a vestige of mystery and fable, and it would get you dangerously close to some inconceivable secret. After seeing the Versace symbol for the first time, mythologists took a closer look at the young designer’s collection. They confirmed that he had exceptional serendipity, most likely, emanating from some venturesome secrets and plots.
The designer himself termed the symbol (and later the fashion house) the ‘fatal beauty’, and that can hardly be argued. Today’s fashion fans, just like ancient mythological characters, are ready to worship the mysterious and vivid images of Gianni’s collections, unable to take their eyes off from this world brand’s items.
By the way, the couturiere’s competitors did believe that the Versace symbol projected some kind of magic both onto potential clients and competitors. They and critics would come over to Versace shows with pins in their clothes, which, they believed, would protect them against the evil eye and spell.
Indeed, it was all so simple (even if it is not about easy ways). Gianni Versace was open for every little trend and would accept every new thing, from which he would derive his own style. Today, the Versace fashion house holds to the traditions set by its founder.


Versace Emblem
Partially, the Versace emblem may reflect the brand’s striving to reach a level, which is hardly reachable for fashion grass roots. However, there is definitely something ironic about it, because Perseus’s main weapon against Medusa was… a mirror. Only someone who is apt to see his or her entire potential has the power to rise as high as Gianni Versace did.
Today, the most common terms that people use to characterize Versace collections include ‘extraordinary’, ‘ultra-trendy’, ‘exquisite’, and ‘brave’. Even today, almost forty years after Gianni Versace’s first stratospheric success, these terms have changed little and retain their fundamental meaning. Versace is a synonym of years of success, bright undertakings, and literally magic influence on fashion lovers. Very few are as good at enchanting people as Versace was.