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Forest Essentials is an Indian online store, which specializes in selling luxury Ayurvedic products. The company was launched in 2000 and today operates across the globe. At the beginning of its history, the e-commerce platform only offered handmade soaps, but now they have a wide range of organic cosmetics available.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of a luxury skincare retailer is very delicate and sophisticated. The company’s logo is composed of a wordmark and an emblem above it.

There were two versions of the brand’s insignia during its history, but both the style and color palette remained untouched after the redesign.

The gold and white color scheme of the company’s visual identity is a reflection of elegance, beauty, and splendor. It makes the logo look high-end and evokes a sense of quality and effectiveness.

The recognizable brand’s icon features a fine image of a tree, enclosed in a circle. According to the company, it is a Tree of Life, which symbolizes the Law of Nature and the fact that all life on our planet is related. It is a perfect graphical representation of the organic cosmetic’s brand essence and purpose.

The original version of Forest Essential logo featured a wordmark placed around the emblem’s perimeter and enclosed in another thin gold circle. The “Luxurious Ayurveda” tagline was placed under it.

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Today the company’s insignia has all the lettering under the emblem, accenting on the tree and making it the star of the concept.


The wordmark of the logo is composed of two lines, executed in two different styles. They both feature gold color and perfectly balance each other and the brand’s symbol.

The main part of the inscription, “Forest Essentials” in all capitals is written in a bigger size and uses a modern serif typeface, which is very similar to Grad SC OSF, or Century Schoolbook font, which was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in the 1920s and was originally used for textbooks.

The typeface is very elegant and has its serifs distinct and elongated, creating a timeless sense of classic design.

The bottom part of the inscription contains “Luxurious Ayurveda” lettering, which is also in all-caps but executed in a clean and thin sans-serif typeface, which adds a modern and strong feeling to the logo, accenting on quality and progressive approach.


Forest Essentials Logo

Forest Essentials was created as a tribute to Mother Nature. The brand brilliantly combines a traditional Indian Ayurveda philosophy with luxury and produces cosmetics, that are organic and super effective.

The main feature of the brand is that it uses only natural ingredients that are safe for any skin type. In the very beginning, the brand only produced soaps, which became very popular in India, and that made the company’s owner think of expanding the range.

After Estée Lauder Group bought a part of the company, it got access to the international markets and became incredibly popular. The Forest Essential products are now being sold all over the globe and are considered to be one of the most effective organic skincare treatments.

The brand’s range of products includes facial, body and haircare categories for both men and women. All the moisturizers and cleansers are also suitable for kids, as they contain only natural ingredients.

The website of the brand, when you can order the whole selection of luxury cosmetics, has full information on each of them. There is an opportunity to choose the right product by category and by concern, to see the composition of every cream and lotion and to read of its benefits.

The website offers worldwide delivery and free shipping on some of the orders. There is also a list of the physical stores of the brand, which you can check on the site.