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History Channel is an educational documentary tv channel, dedicated to historical facts, investigations, and fiction-series. The channel was launched in 1996 and today is owned by A&E Networks. The History Channel is available for watching on all the continents and has a lot of fans all over the globe.

History Channel Slogan
  • Made Every Day.

  • Where the past comes alive.

Meaning and history

History Channel Logo history


The visual identity of one of the most famous history tv-channels in the world looks sleek and luxurious. Its first version was created in 1995, and by today it hasn’t been changed much — still the same color palette, style, and mood.

1995 (pre-launch)

History Channel Logo pre-launch 1995

1995 – 2008

History Channel Logo 1995

The original version, designed in 1995, featured a gold three-dimensional letter “H” in a strong and classy serif typeface, placed inside a dark red square with a gold outline. “The History Channel” wordmark in a sleek old-style serif font was written in black and placed under the emblem

All the letters of the inscription were capitalized, but the three first letters were still enlarged, in order to add balance and seriousness to the whole image.

The gold and burgundy red color palette is a reflection of royalty, courage, and power. These two colors are most often associated with medieval history, Kong’s and emperors, and bloody wars of the past.

2008 – 2015

History Channel Logo 2008

In 2008 the logo was simplified. The red square was removed and replaced by a red underline with a triangular arrow, pointing right and placed on the left from the letter “H”.

As for the wordmark, now it featured only the word “History”, which was written in black bold capitals, executed in a clean and powerful sans-serif typeface. The letters were big and had pretty much space between each other, which added volume and lightness.

2015 – Today

History Channel Logo

In 2015 the History Channel logo was redesigned once again. The red arrow was removed and today the three-dimensional Golden “H” is underlined with a thick red line with diagonal side cuts. The black “History” inscription in sans-serif is placed under the line and executed in a modern yet strict font, with distinct cuts and clear lines.