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Saga is a video game franchise developed by Square Company and published by Square Enix. The first episode was released in 1989 as The Final Fantasy Legend. It was a sci-fi RPG equipped with open world, non-linear campaign, distinguished gameplay mechanics, and impressive graphical design, distinctive at that time. The main incline in this game series is open world exploration, with all opportunities to develop your personage in the way you want it. Another feature is that any game has an open-ended story, which makes every game unique.

Meaning and history

Saga Logo history

The franchise began in the end of the 1980s, when a Japanese designer named Akitoshi Kawazu designed the premier part of the series. Previously, he has participated in the creation of FF I and II. SaGa was made after Masashi Miyamoto, that time the head of Square Enix, requested a project for portative platforms such as Game Boy. Kawazu and his fellow Koichi Ishii proposed a role play concole game with a playing process meant to be hard, and deeply written characters having their own plots and side quests.

The initial three parts of the game came up between 1989 and 1991, and they were named Makai Taushi Saga in Japan and Finale Fantasy Legend in the outside world. But then, as the SaGa’s saga popularity grew up and the developers advanced and improved the game features, as well as published it on new platforms such as PS, PC, and Nintendo, it changed its name to the modern one, and the marketers just added some words in the name when the new parts came up. The last release in the game franchise took place in 2019, and this game was named Imperial Saga Eclipse.

What is SaGa?
SaGa is a Japanese game franchise, developed by Square and published by Square Enix. The creators of the first game, released in 1989, were Akitoshi Kawazu and Koichi Ishii. They have given the unchangeable and distinctive features to the series – a rich open world, full of interesting characters with their own side quests and plots, difficult gaming process, role playing opportunities, and of course a distinguished main story. The last episode in the franchise was released in 2019, it was Saga: Imperial Eclipse.

1989 – today

Saga Logo

The franchise has only one overall logotype, used in the majority of SaGa games, and a few additional ones. This initial logo shows the nameplate without a background. The letters are written in a greasy style.

2002 – 2005

Saga Logo 2002

Unlimited SaGa Game was published in 2002 using a special nameplate. It had bold hand drawn lines for the letters. The ‘s’ character was uppercase, and It had a very long lower tail. This logotype was used only once for this game. In the further games’ logotypes, you’ll not find it.

2016 – 2018

Saga Logo 2016

Another specific logotype was used for SaGa: Scarlet Grace marketing. It was a bold black sans-serif nameplate with thin yet clearly visible black outlines. The ‘S’, ‘G’, and all letters in the subtitle were capitalized.


Saga Symbol

Talking of the primary logo, so it has a greasy font with lower parts of all letters lighter than the upper ones. The first ‘s’ and third ‘g’ characters are capitalized, and they have elongated tails. The letters look handwritten, and they have small intervals in between.


Saga Emblem

The coloring of these letters is black, but some game covers depict red or white characters. Sometimes you can even find red ‘s’ and ‘g’, accompanied by white ‘a’ symbols.

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