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Sanoflore is one of the active cosmetics brands owned by French cosmetics company L’Oréal S.A. Sanoflore emphasizes that it uses natural ingredients in its products. This message has been conveyed by both the emblems the company has had so far.

Meaning and history

In the current Sanoflore logo, there is a roundel emblem featuring a stylized tree inside the letter “O.” The “O” is encircled by the lettering “Certifie BIO Depuis 1986.” The lettering “Sanoflore Laboratoire Bio” can be seen to the right. The design is gold.

The previous logo consisted of the same structural elements, and yet, there have been several noticeable differences. There was more color (various shades of green, black, gold). Also, the type featured in the name of the brand was slightly heavier, while the words “Laboratoire Bio” were wider. The “Certifie Bio” tagline was placed between two rings.