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Sanoflore is a company specializing in organic cosmetic products, known for its commitment to sustainability and natural ingredients. The company was established in France, leveraging the rich botanical resources of the Vercors Regional Natural Park. As the owner, L’Oréal has infused Sanoflore with its extensive expertise in the beauty industry, while maintaining the brand’s unique identity and values. Sanoflore operates predominantly in Europe, with a significant presence in France, its country of origin. Its products, ranging from skincare to aromatherapy, are celebrated for their organic certifications and eco-friendly packaging, reflecting a deep respect for nature and consumer health.

Meaning and history

Sanoflore, founded in the lush heart of the Vercors Regional Natural Park in France, began its journey in 1972. It was born from a collective of passionate botanists and farmers, dedicated to exploring the potential of local flora for creating natural and effective cosmetic solutions. The brand’s inception coincided with a growing awareness and demand for organic products, positioning Sanoflore as a pioneer in the field of natural beauty.

Over the years, Sanoflore has achieved numerous milestones. Its commitment to organic farming and sustainable practices earned it certifications like ECOCERT, cementing its status as a leader in organic cosmetics. The company’s research in aromatherapy and phytotherapy has led to innovative product lines that combine efficacy with sensory pleasure. Sanoflore’s achievements extend beyond product development; it has also made significant strides in reducing environmental impact through eco-friendly packaging and renewable energy initiatives.

Today, Sanoflore stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature and science. Under the ownership of L’Oréal, it continues to expand its reach, while staying true to its core values of sustainability, innovation, and respect for nature. The brand’s current position in the market is a reflection of its enduring commitment to delivering high-quality, organic beauty solutions to a global audience.

What is Sanoflore?
Sanoflore is an organic cosmetic company renowned for its natural skincare and aromatherapy products. Founded in France, it combines botanical expertise with eco-conscious practices to create products that are both effective and environmentally sustainable. Sanoflore’s range, certified by ECOCERT, exemplifies the fusion of nature and science for beauty.

The Logo

In the current Sanoflore logo, there is a roundel emblem featuring a stylized tree inside the letter “O.” The “O” is encircled by the lettering “Certifie BIO Depuis 1986.” The lettering “Sanoflore Laboratoire Bio” can be seen to the right. The design is gold.

The previous logo consisted of the same structural elements, and yet, there have been several noticeable differences. There was more color (various shades of green, black, gold). Also, the type featured in the name of the brand was slightly heavier, while the words “Laboratoire Bio” were wider. The “Certifie Bio” tagline was placed between two rings.