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League of Legends is a Riot Games video-game, creates like a battle arena where the player’s team fights with the opponents. The game was developed in 2008 for Windows and today has its mobile and console versions.

Meaning and history

League of Legends history

The League of Legends’ visual identity was redesigned only once, in 2019, and the style and mood of the logo were changed dramatically. The company went from a classic gaming image to a more confident and contemporary one.

2008 – 2019

League of Legends Logo-2008

The original League of Legends logo was created in 2008 and featured old-style three-dimensional lettering in a serif typeface, which is similar to Friz Quadrata, which was created by Ernst Friz in 1973.

The glyphic font looks elegant and mysterious in a gold and black color palette, placed on a dark a gray stone-patterned background. It was a very recognizable logo, and a perfect representation of the game — anyone who looked at it could picture the warriors’ battle and historical landscape.

2019 – Today

League of Legends logo

The redesign of 2019 was timed to the tenth anniversary of the game. The company decided to make its visual identity more modern and strong.

The new League of Legends logo is composed of a light gold wordmark placed on a white background. It is minimalist yet bright.

The lettering in all capitals is executed in a bold sans-serif typeface with elongated upper tails of the letters “L”, “N” and “A”.

The three-dimensional inscription uses light gold and a darker tone for the outline in order to add some volume and metal pattern to the logotype.

The League of Legends’ visual identity is simple yet instantly recognizable. The logo is contemporary and looks fresh and light.


League of Legends Font

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