The Logos That Drive Us: How BMW Supplier Companies Are Steering Progress

BMW Supplier Companies

The automobile manufacturer monitors the quality of deliveries and does not allow defects. It is not difficult to recognize an original part: it bears the manufacturer’s and BMW’s marks and the universal original number: this product will reliably serve the scheduled service life.

The problem is that each supplier is engaged in the production of a narrow segment of parts, and the list of components of any car model is tens of thousands of positions. In other words, dozens of manufacturers may be involved in the supply of each BMW.

Moreover, new manufacturers may appear with the next tender, and BMW parted with some of them for one reason or another. Every year, BMW works with dozens of parts suppliers. There are time-tested ones, and there are newcomers. It’s simply not feasible to name them all.

Nevertheless, experienced BMW car owners and experienced car mechanics advise to pay attention to several well-known manufacturers of parts for the BMW assembly line, about which we will tell you below.

Filters: Knecht / Mahle, Mann

Knecht / Mahle

Knecht-Mahle Logo

The official date of foundation of the German brand Knecht/Mahle is considered to be 1920. The first enterprise of the company was a small factory, which was the first in Europe to start serial production of light-alloy pistons for automobiles. In addition to pistons, a fairly large part of the finished products are various filter elements. In the mid-50s of the last century, it was Knecht who proposed to use paper as the main element of automobile filters. A similar technology is still in use today.

In the early 70s, the dynamically developing company became part of the Mahle Filtersysteme Corporation. Since then, Knecht has been producing filters for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and Formula 1 racing cars on a large scale.

Knecht/Mahle products belong to the premium class and are intended for installation on the most popular brands of cars. More than 140 manufacturers equip their cars with filters and pistons of this brand.


Mann Logo

The brand belongs to the concern Mann+Hummel GmbH. The following manufacturers of automotive components are members of the concern: Mann-Filter. The company was founded in 1941 in the German city of Ludwigsburg by Adolf Mann and Erich Hummel under the name MANN + HUMMEL. By today the company has covered more than 90% of the world’s car fleet with its products. Today, Mann Hummel GmbH supplies filters for almost all leading car manufacturers.

The product catalog includes fuel filters, oil filters, air filters, cabin filters, hydraulic filters, and diesel separators. The product range covers the needs of passenger cars, trucks, and special vehicles of the world’s leading manufacturers.

In total, Mann has more than 50 branches on all continents, with around 15,000 employees. The company has a turnover of around 3 billion euros. In total, the company produces around 500 million units annually.

Suspension: Lemforder, Boge, TRW:


Lemforder Logo

Lemforder is a world-renowned manufacturer of suspension, brake, and steering components. A separate partner company produces rubber-metal products, which are packed in Lemforder boxes. The number of positions in the catalogs of this manufacturer has already exceeded the mark of 13 thousand.

Since the mid-90s of the XX century, Lemforder has taken leading positions in Europe for the production of steering parts for such world-famous brands as Mercedes, Ford, BMW, Volvo, VW, MAN, DAF, and others. In addition, the company’s products include product lines of plastic products, hydraulic systems, and process fluids for trucks.

Today the company manufactures products in the form of suspension and steering: reaction rods, levers, repair kits, and stabilizer rods. Also – longitudinal and transverse links, ball, and angle joints for trucks.


Boge Logo

German company Boge is engaged in the production of Boge shock absorbers and rubber-metal products for the automotive industry. The company was founded in 1931 by the outstanding German engineer and entrepreneur A. Boge. Since 2001 BOGE has been a part of the industrial concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

The company’s production facilities are located in European countries (Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain) and the USA. The full range of products under the BOGE brand meets the needs of up to 95% of car models in the global automotive industry. High-quality Boge shock absorbers and struts are characterized by excellent consumer properties, long service life, and high reliability in harsh Russian conditions.

The company’s products are supplied to the assembly plants of major automakers (Mercedes AG, Audi, BMW, Volvo Renault, Saab) and the aftermarket for spare parts for most American, European, and Asian vehicles.


TRW logo

TRW is a company from the USA, founded in 1901 in Cleveland by David Kurtz and his partners. It was originally called Cleveland Cap Screw Company and was engaged in manufacturing technically uncomplicated parts for automobiles.

In 2002, Northrop Grumman Corporation bought a part of the company’s shares. The acquired production facilities were reoriented to the production of equipment for space flights. This was possible because TRW had previously had experience in the production of components for ballistic missiles and had the appropriate production facilities. The remaining part of the company was renamed TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. And began to produce copies of original components for automobiles.

However, the real heyday of the company happened after the crisis of 2008. Then residents of several developing countries could not afford original components. TRW parts became in demand, and the manufacturer increased their supply and received a good profit.

Currently, the company belongs to the German automobile concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG. It owns several enterprises that make copies of parts for a wide range of car brands.

Shock absorbers: Boge, Sachs


Boge Logo

Boge manufactures a full range of shock absorbers for such concerns as BMW, Audi, Volvo, Mercedes, SAAB, and others. The assortment includes more than 6000 items, including 4400 shock absorber models, and covers 90% of the world’s fleet models. Boge shock absorbers and springs are known for their quality and reliability, durability, and excellent technical characteristics.

The products have shown themselves perfectly in Russian operating conditions, the minimum number of returns confirms the quality of the products. Boge company is a part of ZF Trading GmbH’s concern.  The company produces gas and hydraulic shock absorbers, as well as service kits for their installation.

Boge shock absorbers are capable of adjusting to a wide variety of road conditions and driving styles. The company also produces shock absorbers and springs for trucks.


Sachs Logo

SACHS is a brand of the ZF concern. This automobile brand appeared at the end of the last century. Nowadays, Sachs products are supplied both to the conveyors of major automakers and to the aftermarket. The factories are located all over the world: 8 main plants in Germany, the rest in European countries, USA, Mexico, etc. The plants are located in the USA, Mexico, etc.

The fact that the Sachs brand is part of the ZF concern speaks for the quality of manufactured parts. Leading European manufacturers trust this brand. The Race Engineering division of the company closely cooperates with many Formula 1 teams. Sachs shock absorbers provide driving comfort and stability to your car.

Sachs shock absorber series:

  • Super Touring – exists for virtually all vehicles. They are easy to install and have high reliability and long service life.
  • Advantage series – shock absorbers with increased comfort, allow you to keep a grip on any road surface, as well as at high speed.

Springs: Lesjofors, Kilen, Eibach


Lesjofors Logo

Lesjofors Automotive offers a wide range of springs, including standard, gas, sport springs as well as leaf springs. A high level of technical expertise and product quality control allows the company to maintain a product line at the highest level in the industry. All R&D and manufacturing work is conducted in ultra-modern plants in Sweden. The springs are manufactured from high-quality steel by cold coiling on computerized automatic machines. In this way, the constant high quality of each product is guaranteed.

In the catalogs of Lesjofors the car enthusiast can find springs, springs, as well as shock absorbers of trunk lids and hoods of cars. The highest quality of all products, which has been repeatedly noted by car enthusiasts, is due to the use of the latest production technologies. Lesjofors is one of the few companies that use the method of cold coiling in the production of springs. This guarantees optimal spring stiffness and high durability.


Kilen Logo

Kilen Industri AB was founded in 1986 in Sweden – it is a company of one product – “specialist”. In 1996, Kilen was acquired by one of the Scandinavian giants – Lesjofors AB, mentioned above.

Kilen produces only springs: cylindrical, trapezoidal, barrel, and cylindrical springs with variable coil pitch. The springs are manufactured from hardened steel using the cold coiling method, which was pioneered for valve springs with extremely high strength requirements. During the final finishing process, the springs are shot-blasted, which further increases their strength.

The quality of Kilen products, which has been recognized by certificates of conformity, has been confirmed by Volvo car manufacturers who have used KILEN springs as original equipment on their vehicles.


Eibach Logo

Eibach is a German brand of springs and sports suspension kits for cars and motorcycles, owned by the eponymous company Heinrich Eibach GmbH (Eibach Federn). The company specializes in the development and manufacture of suspension and chassis systems for the automotive and motorcycle industry and also produces special technical springs for a wide range of other industrial applications. Eibach develops, tests, and manufactures components for the largest tuning studios in the world, including Formula 1, DTM, Rallye WM, NASCAR, and Touring Car WM teams.

Eibach catalogs offer a wide range of suspension springs for cars, motorcycles, and specialized vehicles. Separate product lines include exclusively spare parts for tuning and sports cars. Also under the name of the German brand, you can find spacers, as well as stabilizer and suspension elements.

Optics  /Lighting: Bosch, AL BI-Xenon, ZKW BI-Xenon



The world-famous German company Bosch was founded in 1886. In 1913, the automobile lighting system was developed. Thus Bosch is a pioneer in the creation of optics for motor vehicles. Having more than 100 years of experience in the direction of production of basic headlights and annually improving the technology and methods of manufacturing these products, Bosch occupies a leading position and covers more than 55% of the market.

The main headlight program includes low-beam and high-beam headlights for 45 vehicle brands. Robert Bosch GmbH is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive parts in the world. Bosch-branded parts are supplied to the assembly lines of most automakers, as well as to the aftermarket.

Bosch products include a wide range of headlights, lamps, and automotive electrical products.

AL BI-Xenon

Automotive Lighting (AL) Logo

Automotive Lighting (AL) is a German company founded in 1999 as a 50-50 joint venture between Italy’s Magneti-Marelli and Germany’s Robert Bosch GmbH (a division of K2 Lighting).

In 2001, Magneti Marelli increased its stake to 75% after acquiring Seima Group. In 2003 Automotive Lighting was fully owned by Magneti Marelli.

Automotive Lighting was the first company to introduce LED taillights in 2003 for the Peugeot 307 CC, and the first fully LED headlight in mass production for the Audi R8 in 2008.

Using advanced technologies in the development and production of lighting products for automobiles, as well as the intellectual potential of its foreign colleagues, the company produces block headlights and fog lights, taillights, and additional brake signals.

ZKW BI-Xenon

ZKW BI-Xenon Logo

ZKW is a developer and manufacturer of innovative lighting and premium electronics. It is known as one of the main partners for the automotive industry worldwide. The company is based in Austria. It offers a wide range of products – from a simple halogen headlight to high-tech products.

The ZKW catalog includes headlights, fog lights, and daytime running lights. Product performance is based on the use of lasers, LEDs, xenon, and halogen to provide quality lighting. The company utilizes powerful background aids so that the lighting is multi-functional. Innovative technologies are realized with the help of high-precision electronics.

The ZKW Group specializes in innovative lighting systems for the automotive industry and premium electronics. The ZKW Group is a traditional company with 80 years of history.

Glass: Pilkington, Sekutir Saint-Gobain


Pilkington Logo

Pilkington is one of the oldest automotive glass suppliers in the world. In his time, the founder of the company developed its technology for the production of sheet glass with high optical characteristics and resistance to mechanical impact.

To date, Pilkington glass is considered the industry standard. Today, the products are manufactured in 80 factories located in 26 countries and sold in 130 countries around the world. The choice of automotive glass is now quite wide, but thanks to high-quality standards, the company manages to maintain strong leadership in the market.

Pilkington Glass is produced for vehicles by dozens of manufacturers, including BMW, Audi, MAN, DAF, Opel, Iveco, Scania, Range Rover, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and other well-known brands. The company offers fused and laminated glass. To obtain high optical characteristics, the technology of pressure and heating is used to remove air bubbles from the glass mass.

Sekurit Saint-Gobain

Sekurit Logo

The transnational Saint-Gobain Sekurit concern unites more than 1000 companies in 46 countries. The headquarters of the corporation in Paris has been in operation since 1665. More than 350 years ago, the company was a glass manufacturer that supplied mirrors for the country Palace of Versailles. Today, Sekurit is a manufacturer of glass for the automotive and construction industries, finishing materials, and high-tech products.

The concern occupies leading world positions in terms of production volumes. The concern unites commercial and industrial representative offices in 22 countries of the world. In total, Saint-Gobain Sekurit employs over 180 thousand engineers, designers, assemblers, and workers.

The Saint-Gobain Sekurit brand produces auto glass, which is in stable demand among European motorists. Every second European car comes off the assembly line with Sekurit auto glass.

Engine parts, gaskets, oil seals: Goetze, Elring, Mahle, Kolbenschmidt (KS), Victor Reinz


Goetze Logo

The German company Goetze was founded by Friedrich Wilhelm Goetze, initially as a small workshop producing copper seals for steam valves. In 1887 the trademark was registered and named in honor of its founder – Friedrich Goetze. The brand’s products were in great demand, which made it possible to invest income and open a small foundry for the manufacture of piston rings for steam engines. The company produced products that were famous for their high quality throughout Germany. Goetze produced the first automobile piston rings in 1912.

Today Goetze is a popular manufacturer of spare parts for cars under its brand name, both in the local markets of the countries where production facilities are located and in the global market of aftermarket auto parts.

Buyers confirm that the quality and performance characteristics of auto parts of this brand are quite high.


Elring Logo

Elring is a German manufacturer of engine parts, seals, and fasteners, belonging to the ElringKlinger Group, which has 45 plants worldwide and representative offices in more than 20 countries. Elring parts are supplied to the majority of conveyors of world automobile brands as original parts.

The leader in the production of sealing systems Elring is one of the oldest companies in Germany, which currently has more than 20 plants. In the company’s catalogs, you can find about 20 thousand items of engine parts and fasteners. In total, this range covers 98% of European car models and about 60% of Asian models.

Some products are delivered directly to the assembly lines of BMW, Mazda, Opel, Ford, VW, Volvo, and many more. The list of Elring products includes bolts, gaskets of all types, seals, valve stem seals, seals, casings, repair kits, shielding housings, and injectors.



Mahle is a leading international developer and supplier of products for the automotive industry, special vehicles, and powertrain systems, and a pioneer in the development of vehicles of the future.

The product range covers all key areas including powertrains and air conditioning systems – both for vehicles with internal combustion engines and for electric vehicles. In 2019, the Group generated sales of around €12.0 billion. The company has more than 77,000 employees and is represented by 160 production sites in more than 30 countries.

Mahle Aftermarket, specializing in spare parts and service equipment for passenger and commercial vehicles, applies series production technology to original equipment for the aftermarket. Our expertise as a global expert in powertrain and thermal equipment and as a solution provider for workshops and dealerships is represented in the following brands:

Kolbenschmidt (KS)

Kolbenschmidt(KS) Logo

Kolbenschmidt is a well-known manufacturer of auto parts, which has earned the trust of many motorists around the world due to the high quality of its products. The company specializes in the production of engine parts, including pistons, piston rings, liners, and many other components that ensure reliable and long-term operation of the car engine.

The company’s research and development efforts enable the latest innovations in materials science and engineering, making Kolbenschmidt engine parts among the best on the market.

The company pays special attention to environmental aspects of production. Efficient use of resources, minimization of emissions into the atmosphere, and implementation of environmentally friendly technologies are all priorities for Kolbenschmidt. In addition, the company’s products comply with all international safety and environmental standards.

Victor Reinz

Victor Reinz Logo

German Reinz and American Victor. In 1993, the company became part of the American Dana and became one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automotive seals. Now behind the corporation Dana 90 enterprises operating in 25 countries around the world. Victor Reinz supplies original components for BMW, Fiat, Ferrari, VW, Ford, Volvo, Renault, and several other car manufacturers.

Under the Victor Reinz brand, the concern produces the following products: engine gaskets of all types, oil seals, gaskets, sealants, cylinder-head bolts, as well as oil caps and ready-made sets of internal combustion engine gaskets. Motorists note that these products are characterized by a fairly high quality, but they can not compare with the original components.

Today, the Victor Reinz brand remains at the forefront of innovative technology and continues to produce original equipment for new vehicles, high-quality replacement parts, and industrial sealing products.

Brake system: Textar, ATE, Jurid, FTE


Textar Logo

The company Textar was founded more than 80 years ago in 1913 in the German city of Leverkusen, as a company for the sale of technical asbestos products.

TEXTAR brand belongs to TMD Friction GmbH – one of the largest companies in the world, which employs more than 4000 people in 8 countries.

The range of products manufactured by the company includes more than 970 items. Under the brand TEXTAR brake pads and linings for disc and drum brakes for passenger, commercial, and commercial vehicles are produced. Brake disks and auto chemistry of Textar brand are also well known in the market.

The company has several research centers, which together with automakers are engaged in improving and developing the design of brake pads. The company has been supplying to the assembly line since 1946. Today Textar pads are serially installed on Daimler Chrysler, Ford, BMW, Porsche, Mazda, and many other cars. The company has been repeatedly honored with awards from manufacturers, including Ford and General Motors.


ATE Logo

Automotive parts under the ATE trademark are produced by Continental Teves, which is part of the largest manufacturer of hydraulic systems and their components – Continental Automotive Systems Corporation. ATE parts are known all over the world, most of them are supplied to manufacturers of finished assemblies and units (92% of all products), also ATE auto parts are supplied to the aftermarket of spare parts (8% of all products).

Today the company Continental Teves is a leading leader in the development of automotive parts, as well as a supplier of major automobile manufacturers. With many years of experience, the company develops and manufactures technologies and components for the automotive industry that enable the dynamic forces exerted on a vehicle to become more controllable.

The main difference between ATE products is their impeccable quality, so this brand is recommended by many automakers.


Jurid Logo

The French brand Bendix(Jurid) is part of the General Electric Group. It supplies brake systems and suspension parts to the market of auto parts sales. The assortment has about 9000 items and is represented by brake system components (disks and drums), clutch components, installation kits, calipers, as well as electrics and brake fluids.

Jurid deals exclusively with pads, while calipers, cylinders, and discs are designed by the customer. The effectiveness of Jurid brake pads has been repeatedly verified in various tests. Usually, 10-12 samples of pads from different manufacturers are tested. The tests are carried out on one vehicle and a new brake disk is used to test each set of pads. Jurid brake pads are consistently among the leaders.

The manufacturer’s spare parts are supplied to the enterprises of widely known companies: Audi, Honda, Toyota, BMW, VW Group, Nissan-Renault, and others.


FTE Logo

FTE is a German developer and manufacturer of clutch and brake system hydraulics spare parts, being the original supplier to the assembly lines of most European brands and selling its products on the aftermarket in 117 countries worldwide. In November 2017, FTE Automotive became part of the Valeo Group.

The FTE brand belongs to quite significant German manufacturing companies, the main specialization of which is the manufacture and production of clutch systems and braking systems. This company has in its location 11 plants, which are located in various countries (in addition to Germany, Czech Republic, China, America, Brazil, and Mexico).

The assortment of the catalog provides various elements of the braking system and clutch system parts, repair kits, and sensors. Numerous customer reviews indicate stable quality products at very reasonable prices.

Belts / Rollers: Contitech, INA


Contitech Logo

The Contitech Antriebssysteme GmbH Group is an independent part of the Continental AG Group and comprises eight specialized industry divisions. The product range of the Contitech Antriebssysteme GmbH Group includes more than two thousand belt types designed for camshaft drives, high-pressure fuel pumps, and balancer shafts in passenger car engines.

Many car manufacturers around the world favor the products of the German company ContiTech. For more than 120 years, ContiTech has specialized in rubber and synthetic material technology. ContiTech is a partner in product development and innovation and is a leading supplier of drive belts and belt tensioning systems to major car manufacturers such as Volkswagen-Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, Fiat, Rover, Nissan, Volvo, and Opel.


INA Logo

The INA brand belongs to Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KG and is a German manufacturer of automotive components. One of the specializations of this brand is the production of such products as belts, tensioners, tappets, and pulleys.

INA company has at its disposal about 39 plants located in many countries around the world. Also, this brand is an official supplier of such automobile manufacturers as Mercedes-Benz, Audi/VW, Opel, Renault, and many others. INA is the holder of the certificate of Toyota Auto Corporation, which has earned the reputation of the most demanding company to suppliers.

The company was founded in 1946 by the Schaeffler brothers Wilhelm and Georg. The company’s rapid growth began in 1949 when Georg invented the needle roller bearing without rings, which was produced in huge quantities for the German automotive industry.

Steering parts: ZF, Luk


ZF Logo

The main activity of the ZF concern is the production and supply of automobile assemblies, powertrain units, and chassis. The concern supplies all its products both to assembly lines of the world’s leading automakers and to the aftermarket. All components of automotive assemblies are developed in close cooperation with automakers.

At present, the ZF concern includes 122 enterprises located in 25 countries of the world. A total of 58000 people work at the enterprises of the concern. In terms of production and sales, the concern ranks 4th in the world, 10th in the world and 3rd in Germany. The concern’s products are known in the world market under the trademarks Sachs, Lemforder, Boge, and ZF Parts.

The ZF PARTS brand covers spare parts categories such as steering parts, transmission parts, and suspension parts.


LuK Logo

The German company LuK – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automotive clutches – was founded in 1965 in Bühle (Black Forest). The founder of the company was the INA Schaeffler Group. Today every second car in Germany and every fourth in the world comes off the assembly line with a LuK clutch. The company unites more than 6,000 employees working at LuK plants in Germany, England, the USA, and other countries of the world. All plants operate with the same technology and utilize the same engineering database for all LuK plants. More than 10% of the staff is exclusively engaged in the design and development of new technologies.

Today, LuK has more than 3,300 patents for clutch inventions. Many important milestones in the history of the company are associated with the introduction of new inventions.

Bearings: FAG, INA


FAG Logo

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of ball and roller bearings, FAG is the exclusive supplier of bearings for a multitude of automotive concerns, including BMW, VW, Mitsubishi, Nissan, MWM and even Maybach. The company merged into INA, which is also part of the Schaeffler Group conglomeration. Now the production of bearings is established in 63 plants in different parts of the world.

The company supplies bearings of different types, for a specific car model. The high quality of the products inspires confidence among motorists. In 2009, a small percentage of goods began to be produced in Chinese factories. Their quality is not much different from those bearings manufactured in Europe.


INA Logo

The main direction of the company is the production of needle roller bearings, linear guides, and special bearings. The acquisition of FAG in 2002 enabled INA Group to become the second-largest bearing manufacturer in the world (after SKF).

The Group currently employs around 28,000 people worldwide in product development, production, and sales. The production base consists of more than 40 plants located in industrialized countries around the world. All of the group’s plants are certified to meet the requirements of international standards QS-9000, and DIN-EN ISO 9001.

In the field of mechanical engineering, which is equipped with high-precision and modern equipment, reliable units characterized by a high level of performance are actively used.

Spark plugs and ignition coils: NGK, Bosch, Bremi


NGK Logo

NGK, a Japanese company, is a leading manufacturer of spark plugs. NGK is the world’s leading supplier to 45 automakers (spark plugs and oxygen sensors), including AUDI, Alfa Romeo, Bentley, BMW, Daimler, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Lancia, Mazda, Maybach, Mitsubishi, Opel, Range Rover, Renault, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. The company employs about 12,000 employees worldwide, of which about 200 employees work for NGK Spark Plug Europe (as of March 2009). NGK is the official supplier to the Ferrari, BMW Sauber, and McLaren teams in Formula 1.

NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, and currently has 36 subsidiaries around the globe. Outside Japan, NGK has 11 factories, 4 development centers, and more than 20 sales subsidiaries around the world to ensure that NGK and NTK branded products are delivered to customers quickly and reliably.



The most famous Bosch product that has become its trademark is the spark plug. The spark plug plays an important role in ensuring the reliable operation of a car engine. For over 100 years, Bosch has been developing spark plugs in close cooperation with the automotive industry.

Bosch is the market leader in Europe for spark plugs and provides market coverage of up to 98%.

The Bosch spark plug program offers more than 500 types of spark plugs for all types of vehicles – from mopeds to luxury limousines. Great emphasis is placed on sure ignition, catalytic converter protection cold start reliability, and the creation of the most comprehensive spark plug program with unambiguous vehicle-specific spark plug applicability.


Bremi Logo

Bremi is a well-known European manufacturer of automotive spark plugs. Its products are also found in the USA – distribution is handled by a partner company called Karlyn Ind. Inc. It is important to note that Bremi spark plugs are included in the basic equipment of individual car models from VW and BMW, as well as from Rover, Hyundai, Nissan, and many others. In Bremi catalogs you can find ignition coils, plugs, wiring, as well as flow meters, rotors, and wire bushings.

As noted by motorists and manufacturers, Bremi spare parts – spark plugs and coils, glow plugs, high-voltage wires, and sensors are characterized by impeccable quality, reliability, and durability and at the same time affordable price for many consumers.

Electronics: VDO, Behr, Bosch


VDO Logo

VDO is a German company that started in 1920. Today the brand is managed by the Continental Automotive GmBH concern and specialization in car electromechanics is chosen as the main activity.

VDO dates back to 1920, when Adolf Schindling and two partners founded a small company in Frankfurt, Germany. In a short period, the company managed to become the world’s largest supplier of tachometers and tool kits for cars and trucks.

Today VDO is one of the largest suppliers of electronics and electrics for the automotive industry both on the assembly line and on the spare parts market. VDO’s main products are: gasoline pumps, fuel level sensors, idle speed regulators, throttle valves, throttle controllers, washer pumps, washer nozzles, cooling fans, trunk actuators, information systems, navigation devices


Behr Logo

Behr is a German brand of manufacturer of spare parts for vehicle climate and engine cooling systems, owned by the German company MAHLE Behr GmbH & Co. KG, founded by Julius Friedrich Behr back in 1905.

Behr catalog contains spare parts of two main groups – air conditioning/heating systems and engine cooling systems: air conditioning compressors, air conditioning and heater radiators, thermostats, cooling modules, valves, expansion tanks, sensors, clutches, fans, cooling pumps, exhaust heat exchangers, electric pumps, Physio-Control climate control system with adjustable temperature and airflow distribution and others.

The history of the brand is many years old, and the quality of spare parts meets international standards of production management and management.



November 15, 1886, is considered to be the date of formation of the now thriving Bosch Group with a turnover of more than 90 billion euros and almost 200,000 employees worldwide.

Bosch has been working for the benefit of mankind for more than a century. Electrical, electronic, and mechanical equipment for automobiles, public and private communication systems, power tools, thermomechanics, industrial equipment, hydraulics, pneumatics, the widest range of household appliances, and kitchens.

Anyone who drives a car today and listens to the radio, who opens their garage door with a remote control, drinks sterilized milk, drills plug holes in a wall, watches television or makes a phone call, is dealing with the results of research, development, and products from the Bosch Group.

Fuel system parts: Bosch, Pierburg



Bosch is a global manufacturer of industrial, consumer, automotive, construction, and packaging products and technologies.

Almost three-quarters of the company’s sales are in automotive components. These are mainly technologies for internal combustion engines and transmission electrification, safety communication systems, as well as technology development and sales of automotive parts.

From automotive parts, the Bosch range currently includes batteries, sensors, gasoline and diesel engine components, components for fuel, brake, transmission, and steering systems, filters, windshield wipers, glow plugs, spark plugs, lambda zones, as well as electrics, filters, starters, generators, and auto lighting. Not counting the body, the company develops and manufactures almost all components of the car. If Bosch were to stamp bodies, a new German car brand could appear on the roads.


Pierburg Logo

Founded in 1909 in Berlin as a steel trading company, Pierburg began manufacturing carburetors in 1928, soon becoming almost the sole supplier to all German automobile companies and many of the world’s vehicle and engine manufacturers. In 1986, the company became part of the Rheinmetall Group.

Today, Pierburg specializes within the group in the areas of emissions reduction, air supply, and throttle bodies. Decades of accumulated experience as well as a deep innovative and widely recognized competence in the field of engines enable Pierburg to relentlessly develop and produce advanced components, modules, and systems.

The following parts can be found in Pierburg catalogs: intake manifolds, pumps (including vacuum pumps), EGR elements, thermostats, regulators, flow meters, and pneumatic and solenoid valves.

Wiper blades: Valeo, SWF, Bosch


Valeo Logo

Valeo is the world’s largest automobile concern, whose activities include both the development and production of auto parts and distribution activities around the world. About 30% of all products of this company are delivered to the conveyors of well-known car assembly plants, the rest of the products end up on the secondary market.

Today Valeo owns about 140 plants located in more than 20 countries around the world. Valeo products are divided into the following product groups: optics, sensors, electrical accessories, sets, and separate elements of the clutch, brakes, generators, and others.

The high quality of Valeo parts is noted by customers from all over the world. More than 90% of all car brands use products of this brand when assembling their cars.


SWF Logo

In 1922, the history of the SWF company began in Germany. Initially, the specialization of this company was the development and production of electric motors, but thanks to the unique ability to implement innovative technologies, the company soon managed to establish the production of various automotive components, including wiper blades.

Since SWF launched its first wiper blade in 1927, the company has become one of the leaders in this market segment. An innovative approach to the development of wiper blades and other components of the wiper system has become a characteristic feature of the company.

In 1998, the company joined the transnational concern Valeo to strengthen its position in the market of wiper blades. At present SWF is one of the world leaders in the production of wiper blades for trucks and cars and is a direct supplier of its products to the conveyors of such famous car brands as VW, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW.



Bosch’s innovations have had an enormous impact on the development of the automotive industry. As the world’s largest independent supplier of components for the automotive industry, Robert Bosch GmbH contributes to making vehicles safer to drive, more environmentally friendly, and more economical.

Bosch Aerotwin frameless brushes are the flagship product of the German company, combining modern aerodynamic design, and excellent performance quality. Brushes of this series have a pronounced integrated spoiler, providing the necessary pressure on the glass at high speeds. The cleaning belt is made of three-component rubber, which provides good visibility and quiet operation. Aerotwin wipers have been awarded by the European organizations ACE, AutoZeitung, AutoBld, and ADAC.

Wheel drives (ball joints and their dust covers): Loebro / GKN

Loebro / GKN

Loebro-GKN Logo Logo

GKN is one of the earliest industrial companies to emerge in Europe. It was founded in 1759 by John Gest in South Wales (UK).

At present Loebro/GKN is one of the largest concerns of the automotive industry with an annual turnover of 7.8 billion dollars. GKN is engaged in the development and production of components for automobiles, agricultural and special equipment, and helicopters.  The concern includes 40 plants located in 30 countries of the world.

The main activity of Loebro GKN is the production of ball joints.  The annual volume of production of joints is about 60 thousand.  The company supplies hinge joints both to the assembly lines of automakers such as VW, Volvo, Audi, BMW, Opel, Porsche, Nissan, and FIAT and to the aftermarket.

Transmission and clutch: ZF, LUK


ZF Logo

German concern ZF Friedrichshafen AG was founded in 1915 and is currently engaged in the production of a wide range of spare parts for cars, trucks, and special vehicles.

ZF products are transmission, chassis, and chassis components for cars, trucks, tractors, and road construction equipment.

Most ZF units are produced under their brands, and many of them have become recognized worldwide. The best known are manual transmissions for trucks and commercial vehicles “Ecolite”, “Ecosplit” and “Ecomid”, automatic transmissions “AS Tronic” (for light trucks – “eTronic”, for buses – “AS Tronic lite”), as well as transmissions for buses “Ecomat”.


LuK Logo

Luk is one of the most renowned automotive clutch manufacturers. It owns 180 divisions located in 50 countries around the world. As statistics show, 25% of cars in the world have in their standard set of clutches of the German company Luk. The assortment of the company already counts no less than 225 thousand articles. Supplies parts to BAG, GM, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, as well as Fiat, Toyota, Renault, Honda and several others.

Luk products include the following: clutch kits (or separate disks, and baskets), release bearings, hydraulic drive parts, dual-mass flywheels, and centering bearings.

Today, the Schaeffler Group operates 20 Luk clutch production sites around the world, all of which were built near automobile manufacturers’ plants.

Generator/Starter: Bosch, Siemens, Valeo



For more than 100 years, Bosch has been a leader in the production of automotive parts and components and supplies all leading automakers. More than 140,000 Bosch employees worldwide create new products and technologies for the automotive industry.

Robert Bosch GmbH is a German group of companies, a major manufacturer of automotive and industrial equipment, consumer and household products, founded by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) in 1886 in Stuttgart under the name “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering”. The Robert Bosch GmbH Group is a leading international manufacturer of automotive and industrial equipment, consumer and household products. The headquarters are in Gerlingen.


Siemens logo

Siemens is a well-known company, one of its activities which in the past was the production of automotive components. Until 2007, it owned a subsidiary company Siemens VDO Automotive, which now belongs to the corporation Continental AG. However, the name of the German company is still used by car enthusiasts to designate the original components of the electrical systems of many old and modern cars.

Siemens spare parts today can also be found under the name VDO (Germany). Among these spare parts: are valves, pumps, sensors, elements of electronic systems Cruise- and Distance-control, active safety, monitoring, alarm and control, components of power windows and window cleaners, and feed blocks. All these are products of exceptionally high quality, which were supplied to the conveyors of almost all world brands. On the secondary market, it usually arrives in boxes with the names of packers and small resellers.


Valeo Logo

The main customers of Valeo are manufacturers of French (Renault, Peugeot), Italian (Fiat, Alfa Romeo), German (VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes) and Korean (GM- DAT, KIA-Hyundai) cars. In particular, 42% of all clutches installed on cars are Valeo clutches. For the aftermarket, 176 product lines of 12 product groups are offered – from clutch parts and optics to electronics and injection parts. All products for the aftermarket (1/3 of the production volume) are manufactured on the same production lines from which OE products come, according to the same standards and specifications.

Valeo started its activity in 1923 in France to produce brake linings and clutch disks. Gradually, through its development and acquisition of other companies, by 1990 Valeo became a concern at the international level. Today Valeo Service Group includes 123 plants, 20 research and development, and 35 technical centers.

Refrigeration and air conditioning system: Hepu, Behr, Wahler


Hepu Logo

Hepu is a leading German manufacturer of cooling pumps (water pumps) and coolants (antifreeze) for automobiles. HEPU catalog contains more than 1,400 pumps for various models of European and Asian cars, as well as game kits with pumps.

Hepu water pumps provide excellent coolant flow rates both in normal driving conditions and when stationary or traveling at high speed. They are manufactured with reliable seals, corrosion protection, cavitation resistance, and the use of high-quality components.

Modern technologies, a highly developed logistics network, and compliance with the necessary quality standards contribute to the popularity of Hepu spare parts among consumers. The brand’s products are highly appreciated by leading car manufacturers. Hepu parts are used on the assembly line of such car manufacturers as BMW, Audi, Opel, Volvo, Porsche, and Renault.


Behr Logo

The Behr company has been in existence for more than a hundred years. The year of its foundation is 1907. The company is one of the largest suppliers and manufacturers of cooling and air conditioning systems for automobiles. Today Behr has thirty industrial enterprises, which are located in sixteen countries around the world.

For many years of its existence, Behr technologies have become more and more perfect, and the development of the latest design solutions does not stand still.

Mono-bloc heat exchangers are made of aluminum and operate on carbon dioxide. They have a special exhaust cooler to help reduce emissions. At the end of their service life, the heat exchangers are recyclable. In addition to its core business, the company also develops and manufactures thermostatic controls.


Wahler Logo

Wahler is an advanced German company producing automotive thermostats and EGR system elements. The range of German spare parts almost completely covers the model range of modern cars. The company has production and scientific and technical facilities in the United States, Germany, Argentina, as well as Brazil, and Mexico. In Wahler catalogs, you can find thermostats (both conventional and equipped with electric drive and heating), pressure regulators, valves, thermal switches, spigots, and thermal sensors.

Today Wahler is a partner of world-famous car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, BMW, DAF, Daimler Chrysler, FIAT, Ford, General Motors, IVECO, MAN, Opel, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, SAAB, SCANIA, SEAT, Skoda, VOLKSWAGEN, Volvo and many others. Conveyor deliveries account for more than 80% of Wahler’s turnover.

Exhaust system: Eberspacher


Eberspacher Logo

Company Eberspacher  – one of the world leaders in the production of autonomous heaters and preheaters. The first heater for the car was developed by the company Eberspacher. Eberspacher appeared about 150 years ago in Germany, near the city of Essilingen, near Stuttgart.

The company Eberspacher has always kept pace with progress and continuously engaged in improving its products. The main areas of focus have been to increase the efficiency of the heaters, to reduce their size and increase their power, and most importantly, to ensure complete safety and the highest reliability.

Now it is a production combining high technologies and scientific achievements, a leading manufacturer of heaters for automobile transport, special vehicles, and ships with an annual turnover of about two billion euros.