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The logo of Eibach Federn, a German manufacturer of automotive coil springs (OEM and racing), reflects the dynamic spirit of the company.

Meaning and history

Eibach Logo history

1994 – Today

Eibach Logo

To understand the meaning of Eibach logo, it is important to learn more about the promise Eibach makes to its customers. According to the company, they create their products “to meet the extreme requirements of racing.” They emphasize that their products are in no way like the chassis of a production vehicle where the minimum cost is one of the most important requirements.

In what way is this idea reflected in the logo?

The unusual rounded shape of the initial “E” seems to have been inspired by the road. The glyph has an elongated end stretching under all the other letters. It is white with red squares. The squares form a dynamic pattern inspired by “a lower, more muscular, more athletic stance” the company’s products are supposed to deliver.

The logo is given in white over the bright red background.

1992 – 1994

Eibach Logo old

The previous logo featured a somewhat similar wordmark, although you could see several notable differences. Instead of the red squares, there was the word “Springs.” Also, the old Eibach Federn logo featured a calmer, darker shade of red than the current one.