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Hyundai, or Hyundai Motor Company, is the name of a famous Korean automaker, which was established in 1967 and by today has become one of the largest Asian automobile manufacturers. Apart from affordable and luxury cars, Hyundai also produces engines and vehicle parts, which are used by many other brands across the globe.

Meaning and history

Hyundai Logo history

One of the most curious auto badges is the one Hyundai has adopted at the beginning of the 1990s. At the first sight, the brand’s logo is a simple letter enclosed intro an oval frame, but the idea behind the emblem was a stylized drawing of two people shaking hands. The silhouettes of the customer and seller, showing their satisfaction with the deal, have made up the iconic “H”. Though before the logo we all know today, the company has changed several designs.

1969 – 1970

Hyundai Logo 1969

The emblem, created for the Korean brand in 1969 featured a monochrome composition where the “HD” monogram in a custom typeface was placed on a trapezoid with its upper corners rounded, and bottom ones — sharpened. The Hyundai “H” had its right vertical bar elongated and bent to the right in its upper part, with the end of the line pointed. The image was placed on a white background and featured a thin black circular frame.

1970 – 1978

Hyundai Logo 1970

The abstract car contour with the “HD” lettering was slightly refined in 1970. Both elements became smaller and the circular frame was switched to a horizontally stretched oval, which will come back to the Hyundai visual identity with the modern emblem, in 1990.

1978 – 1992

Hyundai Logo 1978

In 1978 Hyundai completely changed the concept of its visual identity, creating a new logo and adopting a fresh and intense color palette. The smooth lines of the initial version were switched to straight geometry, and now the badge featured a horizontally placed rectangular with the bold blue “HD” lettering on the left and the name of the company in Korean placed on the right from the monogram. The blue and white color scheme made the logo more delightful and recognizable, while the straight shapes represented professionalism and reliability.

1990 – Today

Hyundai Logo 1990

The first version of the iconic Hyundai logo we all know today appeared in 1990 and is still used by the brand. The company decided to take elements from all previous designs and the combination worked just fine. The new logo featured an oval shape of the frame and a slanted bold letter “H” enclosed into it. The color palette remained the same — blue and white, but the shade of blue became deeper and darker.

2003 – Today

Hyundai logo

In 2003 the smooth elegant emblem of Hyundai gets accompanied by a modern and stylish logotype, which is placed on its right and executed in the uppercase of a custom sans-serif typeface with clean lines and half of the angles rounded. The “N” in the wordmark is the only letter, written in the lowercase column but features the same size as the neighboring capitals.

2011 – 2017

Hyundai Logo 2011

In 2011 Hyundai decided to go three-dimensional and started using a voluminous silver emblem instead of the flat blue one. The lines remained untouched, as well as the logotype, which was still placed in the right from the symbol, but due to the use of gradient glossy metallic shade, the whole image looks more airy and fresh. Though this badge stayed in official use for only six years.