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The US business venture NASCAR plays a very important part in the country’s auto-racing life. The company created in 1948 is responsible for sanctioning and governing a lot of racing events.

Meaning and history


One of the earliest NASCAR-related emblems is the Team Penske badge introduced in 1966. This was a simple black wordmark, where the words “Team” and “Penske” were divided by a red horizontal bar. The characters were positioned at a slight angle.

The 1976 symbol

The NASCAR logo developed in 1976 featured a white wordmark on the background created by four colors (yellow, red, purple, and blue). The bar mark stayed the same for 40 years. In spite of the fact that a new emblem was introduced in 2017, the old one is still used on the badges of lower NASCAR series.


In early 2016 the company started to develop a completely new emblem. It debuted in January 2017. The current NASCAR logo looks somewhat similar to the previous one, yet it has a more modern look. The angled bars have moved to the left, leaving the NASCAR wordmark on the white background. The purple bar has disappeared.


Font of the NASCAR Logo
For the new wordmark, the company’s designers chose a simple sans-serif font. The characters are slightly italicized, which is supposed to convey the idea of speed.


Color of the NASCAR Logo
Currently the logo comprises four colors. In addition to yellow, red, and blue used for the angled bars, there is also the black color on the emblem. The background is white.