The 50 Best Brands and Logos of Lingerie For Her

The 50 Best Brands of Lingerie For Her

Style and beauty are certainly important, but the invisible part of clothing should also be practical and comfortable. Underwear is not visible to others, but this detail of the female closet powerfully enhances the mood and self-esteem of girls. To accentuate the advantages of shape, to win a man, not to restrict movement – women’s underwear has enough tasks.

Beautiful and comfortable lingerie – the most important female secret of absolute confidence. Although unlike outerwear, it is not visible to others, the fact remains that the quality, appearance, and comfort of this closet item largely depends on how the dress sits and looks image as a whole, and how confident you feel.

Underwear has many functions: to emphasize the advantages and hide the imperfections of the figure, to provide comfort, to put you in a good mood, and to make you feel irresistible. Choosing the right underwear from a well-known manufacturer – is a magic wand, which will always transform any woman. Leading brands offer models of women’s underwear, which not only a great view but also provide comfort and even take care of the health of the body and skin.

Buying beautiful lingerie is another proven way to please yourself. And you don’t have to do it for any occasion – why not feel beautiful every day? We have studied the range of modern brands producing these items of clothing and compiled a rating of the best brands of women’s underwear – with it every girl will be able to choose an underwear based on her personal preferences.

It is from the quality of underwear depends largely on how advantageous it will look like a woman’s figure. Manufacturers offer different options sets, ranging from economy-class and ending with elite options. So there is no difficulty with the choice: choose and buy a suitable, to look chic, will be able to everyone.

beautiful lingerie

To simplify the process of selection, we have collected in today’s review the best brands of women’s underwear. Consider the brands of women’s underwear, which will provide you with comfort and attractiveness, as well as match your financial capacity.

Red, lace, satin, or solid color – now the market has a huge variety of models of underwear in all sizes and styles. It allows us to feel sexy and beautiful and it does not matter whether you prefer to see lace or cotton.

Your closet must include several bras and many panties for different situations: for summer and winter, for every day, for sports and dates, under tight, open clothing, etc. That is why buying a pair of bras “for all times” does not work. For everyday use, you need comfortable and practical models, and for special occasions – seductive and airy. Do not forget about the corrective models of underwear: thanks to them the figure will look athletic and trimmed. If the price of branded products is frightening, do not despair: just keep track of sales and all sorts of promotions. Buy quality underwear and wear it with pleasure, and below we will tell you how to choose the right underwear, and which brands you should pay attention to.

How to choose

Second skin. This is how you can describe the perfectly matched bra and panties, which thanks to modern materials can be the softest, most breathable, most comfortable, and at the same time beautiful products.

How to choose bra

And to find your second skin, when choosing lingerie, pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Size. The size range of bras is determined by two characteristics: the circumference under the breasts and the cup size (it is calculated as the difference between the bust size and the circumference under the breasts). Knowing your volume can significantly reduce the time of searching. There may be slight differences in sizes from one manufacturer to another, which once again confirms the need for a mandatory fitting. When wearing a bra, lean forward: your breasts should fill the cups completely, but there should be no overhang.
  • Model. The successful style of underwear can favorably emphasize the advantages of the figure, and make the contours more seductive and natural. The most popular models of bras: classic with different variations of the cup, Angelica, close to it in shape balconette, bandeau. Gaining popularity are bras plunge (push-up bras with a deep neckline), frameless bralettes, and triangular cups for young people, as well as minimizers that give neatness to large breasts. When choosing a model, we recommend being guided by your feelings: comfortable/uncomfortable, like/dislike, — they will not cheat!
  • Type of cup. The soft cup consists of only fabric, supports breasts due to smart cut, recommended for large and full breasts. Contrary to it the firm cup has a firm material, sewn or shaped, it supports well small or not ideal-shaped breasts and gives them additional volume. If the dense version of the inside is complemented by rollers, raising the bust – it is a push-up effect. When choosing underwear with push-ups be aware that too high insertion squeeze and deform the breast. For everyday wear is better to stay on the bra with a slight lift or with removable rollers.
  • Frames. Today, frameless underwear is considered more physiological and safe for women’s health, and thanks to modern-shaped materials and the ability to beautify the chest, it is almost as good as underwear on the bones. But underwear with skeletons is still very popular, primarily because it can lift and beautifully gather the chest. Buying a carcass version, make sure that the bones are comfortable for you, do not squeeze the bust, and do not bind into the ribs.
  • Elastic waistband and straps. Thin straps and a small belt are good for medium and small breasts. A lush one requires quality support, which can be provided only by wide straps and a waistband, otherwise, it will cut into the skin, quickly stretch under the weight, will lose a decent appearance, and will cease to perform its main task. It is good if the belt has 3-4 rows of hooks to comfortably adjust the girth. Removable straps are a useful option only if you plan to take them off/change them. In other cases, they tend to come off at the most inopportune moment.

In addition to this, when choosing underwear take into account several other characteristics – the material, model and style, and the characteristics of the figure.

Model and figure features

Let’s pay attention to the main ones:

  • Material. For underwear for everyday better-suited jersey and cotton. But the latter quickly washes out, and the underwear will have to update much more often. A mixed composition – cotton + elastane – sits well on the body and is invisible under tight clothes. Sets of natural silk are suitable for special occasions. Microfiber is good in seamless underwear. Under the tight clothing choose sets, sewn from smooth fabric.
  • Model and figure features. If you have a large chest, choose a bra with bones. It will create the necessary support and emphasize the shape. The straps should be wide to support the weight of the breast. With a small size, you can look at bras without stays. But the cups should be tight to visually correct the natural shape of the breast. Bras with soft cups are recommended for women with ideal shapes. If you need a model with a push-up effect, it mustn’t stand out and create a natural shape. The requirements for the panties will be as follows: The fabric should fit snugly around the body, but not cut in. This will be indicated by rubber band marks.

Choosing lingerie also takes into account the peculiarities of the figure, and this extends to bra sizes and the natural shape of the breast. Breasts can be narrow and wide, necessitating the selection of different bras. Narrow breasts, visually akin to a cone, do not extend beyond the chest. In this scenario, opting for a bra with vertical seams is advisable. The position of the straps is less critical, as the angle of separation of the bones is minimal. For narrow but wide-based breasts, bra models with diagonally arranged seams are recommended. Straps should be positioned as close to the armpit area as possible. Broad breasts, on the other hand, necessitate a large corset. The cups here should be deep and full-length, ensuring a proper fit.

When integrating teddies, t-shirt bras, or briefs into your wardrobe, comfort is paramount. Undergarments should not pinch, squeeze, or pull in the armpits and waistband. They shouldn’t unnaturally displace the breast or leave red stripes. Such discomforts are often due to incorrect size, style, or the use of poor-quality materials. The same principles of careful size selection, model choice to conceal flaws, quality fabric, and maximum comfort apply when buying panties and bodysuits.

And now, let’s explore the brands of underwear that boast the best features and deserve a place in your high street wardrobe. Our rating includes brands from various price points, which, according to customer reviews, offer not just aesthetic appeal but practicality, durability, and comfort. Here, lots of lace and diverse undies options are also considered, ensuring a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

What to choose lingerie

What to choose

Despite the variety of manufacturers, among them, there are distinguished leaders of buyers’ opinions. However, even among them, you will have to search, so we bring to your attention the main criteria, which should be focused on when choosing:

  • Assortment. Modern firms and top brands sell lingerie of all kinds and colors, but there are also more highly specialized brands. For example, Bliss produces clothes for pregnant and nursing women, Spanx – corrective stylish lingerie, while the other brands produce a wide range of products.
  • Size range. Only recently, many manufacturers entered the underwear plus-size – in most other stores it is difficult to find a beautiful and high-quality set for full girls.
  • Brand awareness. The more popular the brand in Russia and abroad – the more anxious it is about reputation, so it takes maximum care about the quality of its products. And although the stores of the inexpensive segment can also find worthy representatives, the more famous the firm – the more reliable it is. In this article, we talked about time-tested companies, which included not only the most famous premium brands but also more affordable

The list of the best brands of women’s underwear included brands from different price categories, designed for both everyday wear and “out”, as well as for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. No matter how popular the company is, there is no guarantee that their clothes will fit you, so when choosing these items of clothing be sure to take into account all the parameters of your figure.

  1. Agent Provocateur

Logo Agent Provocateur

If you’re looking for seductive lingerie, look no further than Agent Provocateur. The famous brand was founded in 1994 in Britain; luxurious styles with a “spice” emphasize women’s forms and excite the imagination. This is incredibly beautiful lingerie for all occasions. You will have many opportunities to wear your “playful” night set, from Valentine’s Day to every night.

This brand specializes in sexy and luxurious lingerie that every woman will want to wear. The brand was founded by Joseph Corr, son of British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and his then-wife, Serena Rees. It gained scandalous fame because of its provocative commercials, which often starred famous models and actresses. After their divorce, the couple sold Agent Provocateur.

  1. Passionata

Logo Passionata

The Passionata brand was registered in 1988. Initially, it was aimed at young girls, offering both feminine and provocative sets. The brand offers several varieties of bras. Each model has its name. For example, Brooklyn line – bras with thick cups, lace, and rich, bright colors, and Graphic – models with tulle stripes and knitwear. The second line is with soft cups; here you can find both lace and minimalistic tulle bras. Panties do not fall behind in variety. The brand offers classics, hipsters, shorts, thongs, and Brazilian. All in all, Passionata has the perfect setting for everyone.

  1. Bluebella

Logo Bluebella

The famous lingerie brand is famous for its provocative, daring, and original designs that are bursting with provocative eroticism. The inspiration for the collection came from the novel “Fifty Shades of Grey”.

The brand launches four collections a year, each time impressing with spectacular solutions and unconventional approaches. The company’s designers literally create a new fashion, rather than blindly follow the others. Bluebella offers a wide range of panties, bras, jumpsuits, garter belts, and other sexy underwear. Each product of this manufacturer can rightly be called a small work of art.

  1. Versace

Logo Versace

Wherever you go, take a stunning Versace piece as an attribute of the Italian fashion house. You can wear this lingerie with the iconic Medusa head and distinctive print at any time and feel incredibly sexy. You’ll be the most glamorous in lingerie with lace inserts as well as in lingerie with prints.

The luxury lingerie brand known all over the world was founded in 1978 by the Versace brothers. Today in different countries of the world there are 85 boutiques, and collections for women’s Versace are incredibly successful. The women’s collections from Versace are exceptionally successful, and we should mention the high price of the products, but the brand can by no means be considered a budget class. Versace has everything of the highest rank, starting from comfortable anatomic models and finishing with first-class materials.

  1. Calvin Klein

Logo Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein, one of the most recognizable and popular lingerie brands, offers minimalist style and maximum power. Every woman can find something for herself here, from high panties to lace lingerie. The simple and elegant cut will make you feel like a celebrity wherever you go.

Despite its minimalism, Calvin Klein underwear is one of the most recognizable and desirable in the world. The underwear brand first appeared in 1982, after Calvin Klein himself designed a collection for men. The designer than for the first time used a semi-nude male body in advertising.

  1. La Perla

Logo La Perla

For those looking for high-end lingerie with a beautiful cut, La Perla will do. The expensive Italian brand has been around since 1954 and has redefined the concept of lingerie for modern women. From fine lace to closed corsets, you’ll want to buy something for every day of the week.

This Italian company is considered the country’s most famous lingerie brand. It was founded in Bologna by fashion designer Ada Masotti. There are a lot of lace, floral patterns, and delicate and colorful models in the clothes of this brand, but also it is impossible not to note the perfect cut of the products. Couturier Ada Masotti, a former corsetmaker, even earned the nickname of the Golden Scissors for her increased requirements for the cutting and sewing of clothes.

  1. Savage x Fenty

Logo Savage x Fenty

Wearing Savage x Fenty will make you feel like a real woman. This House of Lingerie is suitable for each of you, regardless of your shape, size, and style. The beautiful details will make you feel more confident. This brand honors fearlessness and inclusivity. Choose from bodysuits, bras, and other types of lingerie – they’re made for you.

This brand was founded in 2018 by Barbadian singer Rihanna. The models in the collections always emphasize confidence and openness and are designed for all genders, sizes, and backgrounds. In addition to lingerie, the collections also feature bras, sleepwear, and homewear.

  1. Cosabella

Logo Cosabella

Cosabella takes your elegance to a new level. With its colorful design, soft patterns, and lace, you’ll want to wear this lingerie all the time. The family-owned company prides itself on the superior quality of its products, which always look modern and stylish. Wearing this lingerie, you will feel a sense of pride while radiating confidence and grace.

Cosabella means “beautiful thing” in Italian, and for good reason. This company, founded by a married couple Valeria and Ugo Campello in 1983, creates incredibly beautiful things that are also perfectly comfortable. The brand philosophy is based on exceptional quality, classic Italian craftsmanship, and unexpected details.

  1. Intimissimi

Logo Intimissimi

This Italian brand was founded in 1996 in Dossobuono. Initially, Intimissimi was launched as an underwear line for the Calzedonia group, but as a result, the product range has expanded from lingerie to clothing, and brand stores have appeared in many countries.

This company is different from others by producing underwear not only for young girls and women, but also for older people, because no one else understands that life does not end with age, and every woman wants to feel beautiful and desirable, regardless of age. It is also one of the first companies to produce push-up bras without bones. About half of the entire range belongs to the category of casual wear – it is comfortable underwear, which almost does not feel on the body.

  1. Triumph

Logo Triumph

Continuing our review of the best underwear brands is the German Triumph. The history of the international lingerie manufacturer began in Germany in 1886 with a small shop for sewing women’s corsets. In the 20-the 30s of last century, the company was reoriented to the production of brassieres and graces, and since 60-the 70s, it produced a wide range of underwear for women and men, swimwear, clothes for home and sleep, sports underwear, etc. In its time, the brand led many innovations: it was Triumph International that first produced elastic straps, bras with seamless cups and flexible 3D cups, and underwear made of ultra-light Lycra and Nylon fabrics.

Today Triumph products are represented in more than 45 countries and include several permanent collections, as well as corrective lingerie, sports tops, and swimwear.

  1. Livy

Logo Livy

Livy is a modern underwear brand created for bold, confident women who want to look sexy while remaining fully comfortable. Wearing Livy, give a modern meaning to classic French lingerie. This stylish and seductive brand breathes new life into traditional women’s clothing. This luxury brand’s portfolio includes bodysuits, bras, nightgowns, and all other types of lingerie that are perfect for all women. Lace, exquisite elements, and feminine curves – you’ll always have somewhere to wear these stunning lingerie sets.

  1. Spanx

Logo Spanx

Feel confident and comfortable wearing Spanx. Whether you need to smooth out the roughness of your body or you want to create a soft silhouette, this modeling lingerie helps you feel perfect. Tights or shorts tightly fit your figure, giving it a slimmer look. You’ll instantly feel more confident, becoming your “improved version.”

The brand was founded by Sarah Blakely. The idea of comfortable and quality slimming underwear came to her when she was going to a party and realized that she did not have the right underwear to look perfect in white pants, then the girl cut the bottom of her tights and put them on with the pants. That’s how the idea of slimming underwear came about, which makes the figure look perfectly smooth in any outfit. Today the brand offers bras, underwear, leggings, outdoor clothing, and more

  1. Maison Close

Logo Maison Close

If you want to seduce a man, choose Maison Close. This French brand was created for the modern woman, and it is famous for its sexy styles. These products have a “sculptural” cut, soft lace, and timeless luxury.

The manufacturer puts the bet on the erotic lingerie, which can compete with Agent Provocateur from the visual point of view. However, in contrast to its direct competitor, Maison Close, does not like to experiment with color, and gives preference to the classic black and white range, which gives more spicy sexy models.

  1. Victoria’s Secret

Logo Victoria's Secret

One of the world’s most famous companies selling women’s underwear, swimwear, clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, and accessories. The brand was founded by Roy Raymond in 1977. During five years he opened six stores and launched a small program selling lingerie through catalogs. However, due to financial difficulties, he sold Victoria’s Secret to Leslie Wexner, the owner of the women’s clothing chain The Limited, for $4 million. It was Leslie who gave the brand luxury, bet on femininity, and started hiring supermodels for the shows, later known as “angels”.

  1. Commando

Logo Commando

When you wear the Commando, it is as if you are still naked. It’s a very comfortable seamless underwear that doesn’t show through any clothes. And at the same time, you don’t sacrifice style – all models are very flirty and feminine, making you feel both sexy and chaste.

This is the perfect underwear brand for those occasions when you need to wear the most open dress because Commando bras and panties are designed so that they will remain invisible, thanks to their seamless fit, thin and durable material, and a range of colors to suit all skin tones.

  1. Aerie

Logo Aerie

In Aerie lingerie, you get the pleasure of perfect comfort and quality. They are not endowed with any demographics and are suitable for women of all body types. There are a huge number of stunning designs that will make you feel sexy, and many different styles that stay comfortable and support you throughout the day. This brand is designed to make every woman feel great and feel an extra boost of confidence.

  1. Ritratti

Logo Ritratti

This Italian brand of expensive lingerie for women appeared in 1980. From the very beginning, the brand was aimed at wealthy ladies, interested in refined and luxurious sets. The manufacturer focused on classic silhouettes but also registered a few innovative technologies – Skin Cut and Soft Up. They provide maximum wearing comfort while making the bras versatile. Collections are attractive with bright designs. Often the sets are supplemented with handmade decorations of crystals and lace.

  1. NICO


If you prefer minimalism, then Nico is your brand. It promotes feminine shapes with simple and clear designs. Soft and luxurious fabrics make you feel as if you are walking through a cloud. In addition to stunning style, this lingerie is considered environmentally friendly, as it is sewn from fabrics with ethical characteristics. NICO is a real brand for the modern woman, who knows what she wants and prefers to always feel comfortable.

  1. Chantal Thomass

Logo Chantal Thomass

French brand Chantal Thomass produces sexy luxury lingerie. The founder of the company, daring Chantal Thomass, has made a revolution, greatly transforming the appearance of underwear and turning it into the desired item for every woman. She is one of the few fashion designers who transform boring underwear into elegant seductive works of art, which is a pity to hide from the eyes of others.

Lingerie by Chantal Thomass – it’s a great comfort and bright recognizable design with expressive finishing, which immediately distinguishes products of this brand in comparison with other manufacturers’ models. About 60% of the production process is made by hand.

  1. Myla

Logo Myla

Myla lingerie makes you feel like a queen all day long. This London-based lingerie brand draws inspiration from Covent Garden and Primrose Hill. Feminine shapes are accentuated with delicate lace, impeccable tailoring, and soft shades of color. You don’t even feel this elegant lingerie, made of “buttery” fabrics.

  1. Kiki de Montparnasse

Logo Kiki de Montparnasse

If you’re currently on your honeymoon or you’re just in the right mood, let Kiki de Montparnasse help you feel very sexy. Here you can find the perfect lingerie for any occasion, from corsets to slip-on. This brand blurs the line between streetwear and sleepwear, combining sensual style with a high fashion twist. These pieces elevate every woman, making her feel like “a million dollars.”

  1. Yasmine Eslami

Logo Yasmine Eslami

After working with Vivienne Westwood, Yasmine Eslami mastered the art of corsetry and developed her line of lingerie. Feminine pieces with delicate lace and flirty netting show beauty in simplicity. This Parisian designer knows how to make the wearer feel special no matter where she is.

  1. Fleur Du Mal

Logo Fleur Du Mal

Combining classic and modern styles, Fleur Du Mal aims to change the way women think about lingerie. The brand stands out for its sophisticated and seductive designs, the products can be worn for almost any occasion. Whether it’s a boudoir photo shoot or a honeymoon, this lingerie will make you feel your best.

  1. DIM

Logo DIM

The well-known French brand has won the trust of women all over the world with the highest quality and recognizable design of its products. DIM is a category of the so-called smart underwear, in which every detail is thought out, and sophisticated design is successfully combined with innovative technology.

In the wide range, you can find panties of any model from casual cotton to elegant lace. The special pride of the brand is anatomic cut bras that provide optimum distribution of the load on the spine.

  1. DKNY


Products by Dkny, an American brand founded in 1984, are everyday underwear that also embodies femininity, elegance, functionality, and practicality. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of models for women of any age and build.

The collection includes brassieres with underpads, thick and soft cups, panties of different styles, and tops for active lifestyle admirers. Dkny clothes are distinguished by the use of durable fabrics resistant to deformation and fading, impeccable quality of sewing and seams processing, and simple silhouettes borrowed from a sports style.

  1. Wolford

Logo Wolford

This timeless brand offers delicate and feminine pieces that suit all women. Silky fabrics and slim-fit silhouettes give each model a slight vintage elegance. A beautiful collection of basic lingerie, which includes panties of all models: thongs, slip-on, shorts, etc. Among Wolford bras, there are pushups, bralettes, and balconettes; models with firm, soft cups and without pads.

The American brand also offers elastic underwear, bodysuits, T-shirts, and apparel. Wolford also has an original line of eco-leather.

  1. Lise Charmel

Logo Lise Charmel

The brand originated in Lyon, the city called the “silk capital” of France. This brand of luxury lingerie for women was the first to use lycra in the production of guipure and programmed machines for colored lace embroidery. Today, sophisticated sets and corrective collections are the hallmark of Lise Charmel.

Here you’ll find models inlaid with the finest lace, decorated with embroidery and Swarovski crystals. Such lingerie cannot be cheap, for its sewing use only the best materials – natural silk, soft cotton, and transparent nylon.

  1. Etam

Logo Etam

This brand is over a century old, but every year it shows new collections. Etam products are a combination of centennial experience and innovative technology. Only exclusive lace designed by the company is used in the manufacture of lingerie. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova, in particular, was the face of Etam.

The brand has three lines: Etam Prêt-à-porter and Etam Lingerie (for women aged 20-40); 1.2.3 (for mature women) and Undiz – fantasy clothing and underwear for young people.

  1. Incanto

Logo Incanto

The Italian brand produces both basic models, and underwear for special occasions. Impeccable style and practicality distinguish the clothes of this brand. Another plus is the reasonable cost.

Affordable, elegant, and comfortable – this is the underwear, according to the manufacturer, the modern woman prefers. Each year a team of designers from different countries creates collections in line with the latest trends in the fashion industry. Incanto products are made in different styles and styles: there are several dozens of underwear lines, each of which has its recognizable character.

  1. Carine Gilson

Logo Carine Gilson

If you want a lingerie set that no one else has, choose something from French designer Carine Gilson’s collection. Her luxurious lace panties and bras are true masterpieces. Yes, it’s one of the most expensive modern brands of lingerie. But, trust us, it’s worth it.

  1. Bordelle

Logo Bordelle

The brand makes sexy lingerie that to some may seem on the verge of vulgarity. However, many women are willing to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,800 for a single item. A set will cost even more. It’s a competitor to well-known brands like Agent Provocateur and Maison Close, surpassing them in provocativeness and audacity.

  1. Lascivious

Logo Lascivious

The underwear of this brand is not for everyday wear, but rather for exceptional occasions. Exotic panties and bras, revealing the most intimate parts of the body, will appeal to lovers of extravagant things. Such lingerie can be found not only in conventional stores but also in a sex shops.

  1. Harlette

Logo Harlette

Exquisite and expensive lingerie from the popular Australian and British designer Harlette de Falaise. Harlette was the first in the world to patent diamond and platinum garters. Harlette’s brand is considered one of the most expensive in the world. The collection includes lace sets, incredible beauty capes, lingerie made of velvet, and even a bra with diamonds. Prices range from $130 to $24,000.

  1. Maison Lejaby

Logo Maison Lejaby

If you prefer the elegant design, classic style, and comfort, you’ll find it all at Maison Lejaby. The French lingerie brand offers pieces that are perfect for both the party and the office. Shape your silhouette, show off your feminine figure, and experience comfort with every piece from this brand – it will become your new favorite.

  1. Thinx

Logo Thinx

When you wear Thinx on certain days of the month, you feel totally secure. It is comfortable underwear that absorbs moisture well. It is worn by women during their critical days. This underwear is similar to regular underwear, but it makes you feel safer during the day and at night. A wide range of models can meet all your personal needs. You will thank yourself for such a purchase.

  1. Coco de Mer

Logo Coco de Mer

Coco de Mer’s lingerie exudes elegance and romance. Made from the most beautiful silks and lace, these models are perfect for all women. Sensual, seductive, and stylish, they are the perfect fit for any occasion. You will feel like a real goddess in this stunning lingerie.

  1. Love Stories

Logo Love Stories

When you mix casual style with luxury, you get Love Stories. These products made of soft fabrics with patterns and lace inserts can be worn every day. The bras in this collection have no bones, which ensures absolute comfort and maximum elegance. You’ll want to wear this lingerie for all occasions.

The Dutch brand created by Marloes Hodeman is a brand created by women for women and it is because the collections feature models of bras without ties, comfortable but beautiful panties, as well as a huge variety of beautiful things for sleep and home.

  1. I.D. Sarrieri

Logo I.D. Sarrieri

From seductive to avant-garde, I.D. Sarrieri’s underwear is stunning in every sense. With fitted silhouettes and exquisite lace, you will feel sexier than ever. Choosing a bodysuit or set, you will immediately feel like the most passionate woman.

  1. Simone Pérèle

Logo Simone Pérèle

In Simone Pérèle you can show off your figure like never before. From the refined corset to the finest bras and ensembles, you will fall in love with every item in this collection. As Madame Simone Perel herself said, “Confidence is a beauty that never fades. That’s exactly what you will feel in this lingerie.



The world-renowned company EMPORIO ARMANI produces women’s underwear in a recognizable brand style that combines fashion trends with classical elegance. Particular attention is paid to the quality of seams and accessories. In the collection, you can find panties and bras, bodysuits, and combinations of different styles from elegant lace to laconic in sport-chic style.

  1. Esprit

Logo Esprit

The Esprit brand positions itself as a manufacturer of stylish and durable, yet affordable clothing. The company relies on quality and comfort, not the latest fashion trends, and develops a range of underwear taking into account the requirements of a young active audience. The range includes casual options and erotic sets for special occasions. Esprit models are sewn from natural materials, comfortable to the body, and have free silhouettes that ideally fit.

  1. Guess

Logo Guess

Guess underwear collection has options for all occasions: sexy sets, elegant options of piquant delicate lace, and sports-style products with branded elastic bands. The producer is oriented to the tastes and demands of young women and girls who choose things first of all from the criteria of comfort and quality.

  1. Maidenform

Logo Maidenform

Maidenform is one of the largest underwear manufacturers in the United States, offering a wide range of panties, bodices, and corsetry. The range offers several lines of corrective and seamless underwear, including a collection of models for women with large busts.

A series of modeling products includes panties with high waists, bras, shorts, pantaloons, and corsets of the three degrees of correction: strong, medium, and weak. The models are sewn from special fabrics having a massage effect, due to which blood circulation improves, and the skin is enriched with oxygen and acquires a healthy color.



The legendary French brand offers deluxe women’s underwear that combines Parisian charm, understated luxury, and unbelievable comfort. Products of this manufacturer meet the requirements of the most demanding ladies; they are distinguished by their perfect cut and ideal fit.

Admirers of comfort underwear will find in the MARC&ANDRE collection seamless bra models with push-up effects and anatomic cups made by laser technology. The range of corset openwork lingerie helps to choose a sensual and sexy set for special occasions. The range of knickers by MARC&ANDRE includes classic closed models for everyday life, frank thong, sports options, and elegant products with openwork fabrics and lace insets.

  1. Speidel

Logo Speidel

The well-known German manufacturer and one of the long-term residents of the European market for over half a century provide women with upscale and comfortable underwear at affordable prices. The company focuses on the age group 45+. Now the brand’s collection includes hundreds of models of panties, bodices, bras, tops, and more. The incredible comfort of Speidel underwear is achieved by using natural materials.

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

Logo Tommy Hilfiger

The legendary fashion house produces an extensive collection of women’s underwear. The range includes comfortable panties and busts for everyday and for sports, elegant lace sets, as well as stylish things for those who have magnificent shapes.

Seamless lingerie made of smooth fabrics without any decorative detail will help to correct your silhouette, will give an incredible level of comfort, and will be invisible under a tight-fitting dress. Bodice with push-up effect not only supports breasts in an anatomically correct position but will help to visually correct the shape and size.

  1. Wonderbra

Logo Wonderbra

The legendary lingerie brand was established in 1964 and the XXI century it keeps its position as one of the niche leaders. Wonderbra is known for its innovative approach to the design and shape of the items in a woman’s closet. This brand owes its success to the iconic push-up bra, which, due to the special fit, can present women’s breasts most advantageously.

  1. Tezenis

Logo Tezenis

The products of this brand, according to the statement of the firm itself, are completely youth-oriented. The company produces products, that differ from others by bright colors and bold designs. The important feature of Tezenis lingerie is that even with a lot of lace on panties there are cotton inserts, which protect the fabric. Female customers note that the quality of unadorned cotton underwear is at a high level, while in the presence of prints one can already notice the defects in manufacturing, and the laces quickly “come out of order” – the elastic bands come out. But the basic sets are very praised.

  1. La Senza

Logo La Senza

The Canadian brand produces clothes for sleep and underwear, bright, seductive, but at the same time comfortable. In the collections, there are cotton sets, as well as models of satin, with rhinestones and lace. Lingerie La Senza is characterized by excellent quality at a reasonable price. In addition, the company frequently arranges promotions and sales. This is a godsend for women who love quality underwear but can not afford to buy things from expensive brands.

  1. Aubade

Logo Aubade

Exquisite lingerie from the French brand – a true harmony of comfort and luxury. It was this company that invented the women’s tanga panties and thongs. The collections use a unique Calais lace. The sewing of one product involves up to 30 people. All models are made in small quantities, which gives them a special value.


And while most of us buy lingerie that is financially rational and ideal for everyday wear, major global brands of lingerie, like Hanky Panky, Skims, and those offering underwire support, remain the secret dream of many women and indirectly influence the supply of domestic manufacturers or chain stores.

Of course, we have not discussed all brands of lingerie for women – the full list is huge. This article presents the most popular brands, including Hanky Panky, known for its comfortable lace designs, and Skims, which offers a range of inclusive sizes and styles. These brands are distinguished by the quality of tailoring, high-quality fabrics, and the presence of exclusive models, such as underwire bras that provide both support and style. Well-known brands have proven that beautiful underwear, whether it’s the delicate lace of Hanky Panky or the versatile designs of Skims, can be comfortable and not necessarily distinguished by exorbitant prices. The inclusion of such brands showcases the diversity and quality available in the market, catering to different needs and preferences, from the supportive structure of underwire to the soft elegance of luxury fabrics.