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Wonderbra is a renowned women’s lingerie brand, best known for its push-up bras designed to enhance the bustline. It was created in Canada by Moses Nadler, founder of the Canadian Lady Corset Company. The brand gained prominence in the 1960s, particularly with the introduction of the push-up bra, designed to offer both comfort and a flattering silhouette. Wonderbra caters to women seeking a combination of style, support, and a confidence boost in their attire.

Meaning and history

Wonderbra Logo history

Wonderbra, an iconic lingerie label, originated in the 1930s, conceived by Moses Nadler of the Canadian Lady Corset Company. Initially focused on comfortable, functional undergarments, its trajectory changed in the 1960s with the introduction of the push-up bra, revolutionizing women’s lingerie. This invention, emphasizing both comfort and aesthetic appeal, rapidly gained fame for enhancing the bustline, propelling Wonderbra to global recognition. The brand symbolizes a blend of innovation, comfort, and style, tailored to boost women’s confidence.

Over the decades, Wonderbra has evolved, embracing diverse body types and fashion trends, while maintaining its core ethos of empowering women through quality lingerie.

What is Wonderbra?
Wonderbra stands as a symbol of feminine allure, renowned for its innovative push-up bras that accentuate the bustline. Emerging from Canada in the 20th century, it revolutionized women’s lingerie with a blend of comfort, style, and confidence-boosting design, catering to diverse body shapes and fashion trends.


Wonderbra Logo old

The logo flaunts the brand name in robust, weighty letters, with an uppercase ‘W’ setting the tone. The characters, bold and full-bodied, are steeped in black, offering a striking contrast likely designed to signify the brand’s impact and presence. The font’s playful serifs add a touch of whimsy, reflecting the blend of seriousness and fun that Wonderbra embodies.


Wonderbra logo

In this rendition, the Wonderbra logo transitions to a sunny yellow hue, diverging from the prior stark black. Each letter is lowercase, creating a more relaxed and approachable aura. The ‘W’ now shares the same height as its companions, promoting unity and balance within the design. The registered trademark symbol, subtly positioned at the end, denotes the brand’s established identity. The absence of serifs and the use of a softer color palette reflect a modern, friendly, and accessible brand personality.

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