Intimissimi Logo

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Despite its seeming simplicity, the Intimissimi logo perfectly conveys the brand’s promise. It does not even need a pictorial part for this – the choice of type for the wordmark is well enough.

Meaning and history

Intimissimi logo

Intimissimi was established in 1996 in Dossobuono di Villafranca di Verona, Italy, where its headquarters have been located ever since. The brand specializes in bras, briefs, lingerie, vests, and pajamas for women and men. The products are sold in around 1400 stores located in 40 countries around the world.

Interpretation of the wordmark

Logo Intimissimi

What catches your eye is the “i” – it is repeated four times within a single word creating a kind of visual rhyme. At first glance, it may look almost generic – just a vertical line without the top.

And yet, it sends a message on the subliminal level. This message can be interpreted as a universal gesture of approval, a thumbs-up. Or, taking into consideration the brand’s intimate specialization, we should probably interpret this message in a more lingerie-relevant manner.

Both the interpretations of the Intimissimi logo work great for the brand – they promise that the product will be approved by your partner or whoever is going to see you wearing it.