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Maison Close is a French boutique company that produces lingerie and underclothing for women, most of which are made in a fabulous, seductive style. A lot of their products are specifically designed to be erotic and revealing. This nuance is part of their overall image as a business.

Meaning and History

Maison Close Logo history

Maison Close was created in 2006 by the French designer and entrepreneur N. Busnel. The company soon became one of the world’s most renowned designers of lingerie, featured in many fashion journals. Elegance is what they focus mostly on in the design, even though the name literally translates to ‘brothel’ from French.

2006 – 2014

Maison Close Logo 2006

The original logo looked like wrought gold. They placed the name in two lines of twisting, smooth serif text. There were two fields of flowery ornaments above and below the name bit, which made the emblem into a rectangular form.

2014 – today

Maison Close Logo

The current logo is just the words ‘Maison Close’, written in a more mundane, although not a stern one, serif style. They were written in a single line, the coloring could be black or white.