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Harlette Luxury Ladies is a high-end lingerie label that originated in England and debuted in Paris. Created for the discerning woman, it’s renowned for its fusion of lavish materials with innovative design. The brand symbolizes elegance and empowerment in the intimate apparel industry.

Meaning and history

Established in 2005 by Harlette De Falaise, Harlette Luxury Ladies is a UK-based fashion brand, celebrated for its exclusive lingerie and swimwear. Harlette, an Australian native with British roots.

Transitioning from investment banking in London, where she worked with notable firms like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley, Harlette’s fashion journey began post a fortuitous meeting with David Jones from the London Fashion Forum. The brand is credited with pioneering designs, notably the first diamond and platinum garters, patented in 2009. Harlette’s designs have graced prestigious events including the Salon International de la Lingerie in Paris and an Oscars style lounge.

Beyond fashion, Harlette made a significant impact in Saudi Arabia in 2009, leading a 10-day lingerie selling masterclass. This influencing a 2011 decree by King Abdullah for women to staff lingerie stores. Harlette Luxury Ladies has garnered acclaim, with nominations in the UK Lingerie Awards and being a finalist in the NSW Premier Export Awards in Australia.

What is Harlette Luxury Ladies?
Founded in 2005 by Harlette De Falaise, Harlette Luxury Ladies is renowned for its high-end British lingerie and swimwear. The brand merges luxury with innovation, offering exclusive concierge services and featuring notable diamond and platinum garters, significantly impacting the fashion industry.


Harlette logo

The Harlette logo features a fanciful script, evoking luxury and elegance, with the brand’s name adorned in ornate, flowing letters. A golden silhouette of an angelic figure, wings outstretched, adds a touch of divine grace, hinting at the opulence. The dark background contrasts with the gold, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sophistication and the allure of its lingerie offerings.

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