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Love Stories is a unique lingerie brand known for its distinctive, fashionable designs. Created by Marloes Hoedeman in Amsterdam, the brand was born out of a desire to make lingerie that’s as playful and versatile as it is comfortable and stylish. Hoedeman, inspired by her own quest for beautiful yet comfortable lingerie, launched the brand to fill a gap in the market for high-quality, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing underwear. The brand is celebrated for blending everyday wearability with a touch of elegance and whimsy, catering to women who appreciate both comfort and style in their intimate apparel.

Meaning and history

Love Stories, an Amsterdam-based lingerie brand, was founded in 2013 by Marloes Hoedeman. Hoedeman, a creative with a background in interior design and styling, ventured into the world of lingerie to offer an alternative to the traditional market. Her vision was to create lingerie that’s both comfortable and stylish, blending fashion and functionality. The brand quickly gained recognition for its eclectic designs, featuring mix-and-match patterns, soft fabrics, and elegant lace. Hoedeman’s approach was to treat lingerie as everyday wear, not just for special occasions, making it both accessible and aspirational.

Love Stories emphasizes a playful, narrative-driven approach to lingerie, with collections often inspired by travel, art, and literature. Its success lies in its ability to cater to the modern woman, offering comfort without compromising on style, and has since become a favorite in the global fashion scene for its unique take on intimate apparel.

What is Love Stories?
Love Stories is a pioneering lingerie label from Amsterdam, renowned for revolutionizing intimate wear with a blend of comfort, style, and playful charm. Founded by Marloes Hoedeman, the brand stands out for its unique mix-and-match approach to lingerie, crafting pieces that are as whimsical and narrative-rich as they are wearable, catering to the contemporary woman’s desire for both fashion and functionality in their intimates.


Love Stories logo

The logo displays “LOVE Stories” in an elegant, serif font that balances classic and contemporary vibes. The word “LOVE” is bold and capitalized, asserting a strong presence, while “Stories” is scripted in a whimsical, cursive style, adding a touch of romance and personal narrative. The contrast in typefaces captures the essence of the brand—a fusion of boldness and femininity, tradition and modernity, strength and softness. This typographical play beautifully mirrors the brand’s philosophy of offering lingerie that tells a story, much like the diverse experiences of those who wear it.