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LIVY is a luxury French lingerie brand founded by Lisa Chavy in Paris. Created with the aim of blending Parisian elegance, Los Angeles glamour, and New York modernity, LIVY offers unique, sophisticated, and contemporary lingerie pieces. The brand stands out for its commitment to craftsmanship, innovative designs, and empowering women to embrace their individuality through high-end lingerie. Lisa Chavy’s vision was to create a brand that redefines the lingerie experience, combining comfort, style, and a cosmopolitan flair.

Meaning and history

LIVY, founded by Lisa Chavy in 2017, epitomizes a fusion of Parisian allure, Los Angeles’ casual glamour, and New York’s edginess. Chavy, with rich experience in luxury fashion, aimed to revolutionize lingerie by blending haute couture quality with ready-to-wear accessibility. Launching in Paris, LIVY quickly stood out for its sophisticated, modern designs and exceptional craftsmanship. The brand gained acclaim for empowering women through unique, comfortable, yet stylish lingerie. Emphasizing sustainability and innovation, LIVY expanded globally, collaborating with iconic retailers and evolving into a symbol of contemporary luxury lingerie, celebrating individuality and the modern woman’s lifestyle.

What is LIVY?
LIVY emerges as a trailblazing intimate apparel label from France, marrying the sophistication of Paris with the allure of Los Angeles and the boldness of New York. Birthed from the creative mind of Lisa Chavy, this brand distinguishes itself through masterful artisanship, avant-garde styling, and a commitment to fostering women’s confidence with indulgent, yet wearable, undergarments.

2017 – Today

Livy logo

The emblem showcases the name “LIVY” in a robust, minimalist font. Starkly monochromatic, it stands out with pronounced, clean lines, offering a contemporary vibe. Each letter is isolated, suggesting elegance and the brand’s attention to detail, reflecting its chic, avant-garde spirit.