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Marc & Andre is a French fashion brand, renowned for its chic swimwear and lingerie. It was established in France, emerging as a creator of elegant, original designs that blend classic sophistication with contemporary trends, catering to discerning customers worldwide. The brand is a testament to style and quality, celebrating femininity in fashion.

Meaning and history

Marc & Andre, a distinguished French fashion brand, is celebrated for its exquisite and innovative swimwear designs. The brand’s genesis can be traced back to its commitment to crafting elegant swimsuits, an ambition that swiftly propelled it into international acclaim, particularly in the mid-1990s. This surge in recognition is largely credited to the brand’s astute marketing and production tactics.

Renowned for its impeccable quality, the brand’s products feature unique designs, rich with a variety of prints and colors. Marc&Andre stands apart for its collaborative efforts with globally renowned fashion houses and agencies, ensuring its collections resonate with contemporary fashion trends while maintaining a distinctive femininity and uniqueness. Each collection of Marc&Andre is a tapestry of styles, ranging from subtle classic motifs to the forefront of fashion trends.

Expanding beyond swimwear, Marc&Andre also boasts collections of lingerie and home wear. Annually, the brand unveils an array of new swimwear models, presenting a diverse array of designs. Catering to a broad spectrum of preferences and body shapes, Marc&Andre offers one-piece and separate swimsuits, including luxury, sports, and corrective styles. The brand is notably inclusive, offering a wide range of sizes to accommodate diverse female body types. This dedication to inclusivity and quality has cemented Marc&Andre’s status as a beacon in the fashion industry.

What is Marc & Andre?
Marc&Andre is a French-originated fashion label, celebrated for its sophisticated and innovative swimwear and lingerie. The brand, which gained significant popularity especially in the 1990s, is known for its high-quality designs that blend elegance with the latest fashion trends, ensuring a wide appeal across diverse consumer preferences.


Marc&Andre logo

The logo of Marc&Andre exudes a minimalist and modern elegance, characterized by a symmetrical emblem. Two letters, “M” and “A,” for Marc & André, are interlocked in a compact, rectangular frame, suggesting a seamless and interconnected partnership. Below, the full name “MARC & ANDRÉ” is spelled out in an understated, capitalized serif font, with “PARIS” discreetly placed underneath, denoting the brand’s proud association with the iconic city known for fashion. The color scheme, with its dark tones against a light background, adds a classic and upscale feel to the design.