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Incanto is an Italian fashion brand, originating in the mid-90s in Desenzano del Garda, a town between Milan and Venice. Known for its luxurious and comfortable lingerie and clothing, Incanto combines contemporary design with quality natural materials, focusing on innovative technologies and affordability. The brand, which rapidly expanded from Italy to a global market, offers collections that align with modern fashion trends while promoting comfort and confidence in women.

Meaning and history

Incanto, an Italian fashion brand, began its journey in the mid-90s in Desenzano del Garda, situated between Milan and Venice, two iconic fashion hubs. The brand was built on a foundation of contemporary design, innovative technology, high-quality natural materials, and affordability. Rapidly ascending to prominence, Incanto expanded beyond Italy, establishing a significant presence in the global fashion industry.

Incanto’s headquarters in Desenzano del Garda is a creative hub where a diverse team of designers crafts collections in tune with the latest global fashion trends. The brand’s mission revolves around empowering women with comfortable, confidence-boosting lingerie.

What is Incanto?
Incanto is an Italian fashion brand renowned for its luxurious and comfortable lingerie and clothing. Established in the mid-90s in Desenzano del Garda, Italy, Incanto blends contemporary design with high-quality materials, focusing on affordability and innovation. The brand caters to a global market, including Europe, offering collections that resonate with modern fashion trends while emphasizing individual confidence and style.


Incanto logo

The logo showcases the word “INCANTO” in a stark, serif typeface, suggesting a blend of classic elegance and modern simplicity. Its capital letters stand bold and unadorned, conveying a sense of reliability and timeless sophistication. The design exudes a minimalistic charm, devoid of extraneous elements, which underscores the brand’s confidence and straightforward approach. This logo speaks to a discerning audience, inviting them to a world where style meets substance in pure, uncluttered harmony.