Etam Logo

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Etam logo

Etam is a famous underwear fashion brand, which was established in 1916 in France. The company is known for its advertising campaigns with the world’s celebrities and is one of the most recognizable lingerie brands across the globe.

Meaning and history

Etam Logo history

The Etam visual identity is delicate and elegant, reflecting the brand’s nature and feminine character.

The logo is composed of a sophisticated wordmark, where the lettering is executed in an italicized sans-serif typeface with clean and neat lines.

The two most memorable elements of the Etam nameplate are letters “E” and “T”. The Etam “E” is the only capital letter of the inscription and is written as a mirrored “3”, which looks smooth and sleek in its curves. The “T” of the wordmark has its vertical bar precise and clear-cut, with the horizontal bar shortened and coming out only to the right.

Etam uses monochrome or red on white color combinations for its visual identity, in order to add more elegance and style and to show the smooth and sophisticated character of its products.

Etam logo

The Etam logo is fine and timeless, its simplicity makes it a quality mark for the women lingerie and shows the company’s values of comfort and design.