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Spearheaded by the illustrious Rihanna, Savage x Fenty burst onto the scene as a visionary lingerie label reshaping the contours of fashion’s beauty ideals. Born in the U.S., this avant-garde entity champions the celebration of diverse physiques and complexions. It’s a standard-bearer for body affirmation and self-celebration, curating an eclectic array of intimates that honor the mosaic of femininity and selfhood. Acclaimed for pioneering inclusivity in its promotional endeavors, Savage x Fenty stands as a testament to fashion’s transformative power.

Meaning and history

Embarking on a mission to infuse inclusivity into the lingerie industry, Savage x Fenty sprang from the creative vision of Rihanna in 2018. This trailblazer brand, rooted in the United States, swiftly distinguished itself with an ethos that embraces every body, defying the one-size-fits-all beauty paradigm. Its product line is a celebration of diversity, offering an array of sizes and hues to match the real spectrum of human skin tones and body shapes.

The brand’s narrative is woven with empowerment, encouraging wearers to own their unique beauty. With vibrant, boundary-pushing fashion shows that double as cultural phenomena, Savage x Fenty has become more than a brand; it’s a platform for challenging outdated standards and championing the individuality of its audience. Its resonance with consumers has not only sparked a retail revolution but also ignited conversations about inclusivity in fashion, making it a beacon of change and a case study in brand innovation.

What is Savage x Fenty?
Savage x Fenty, envisioned by music superstar Rihanna, stands as a trailblazing lingerie brand celebrated for its inclusive ethos. Launched in 2018, it disrupts traditional beauty norms by offering diverse, body-positive lingerie choices for an array of body types and skin tones, symbolizing empowerment and self-expression in fashion.

2018 – Today

Savage x Fenty logo

The logo showcases the name “Savage X Fenty” in bold, uppercase lettering, with “LINGERIE BY RIHANNA” beneath it in a more subdued font. The “X” is stylized as a corset, hinting at the brand’s focus on lingerie. The black and white color scheme exudes sophistication and timelessness, while the clean lines reflect modern minimalism. The corset symbol cleverly underscores the brand’s dedication to shaping and embracing diverse body types.

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