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Lascivious is a British heritage lingerie brand. Known for its modern and provocative designs, it gained respect and recognition in the fashion industry. Lascivious has been featured by famous fashion photographers and in prestigious publications like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. It emphasizes the combination of luxury and active lingerie, inviting customers to join their journey of passion and possibility.

Meaning and history

Lascivious was established in 2004, carving a niche in luxury lingerie with its innovative and bold designs. Renowned for pushing boundaries, it garnered attention from fashion icons and publications like Vogue. After gaining a reputable status, the brand underwent a transformation in 2021 under new ownership. This relaunch marked a shift towards blending luxury with active wear, revolutionizing traditional lingerie concepts. Lascivious’ journey reflects a commitment to celebrating sensuality and style, consistently evolving with modern lifestyles and trends.

What is Lascivious?
Lascivious is a distinguished British brand, established in 2004, known for its high-end, innovative lingerie. It blends luxury and active wear elements, offering unique, bold designs. The brand, reimagined in 2021, is celebrated for its modern approach to lingerie, merging comfort, style, and sensuality.


Lascivious logo

The logo presents the word ‘LASCIVIOUS’ in a bold, capitalized sans-serif typeface that exudes a modern and assertive character. The stark black letters against a plain background create a striking contrast, ensuring the name stands out with a sense of confidence and simplicity. It conveys an image of sophistication and contemporary elegance, reflective of the brand’s ethos in luxury lingerie.

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