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Spanx is an innovative brand of shapewear and clothing founded by Sara Blakely in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Created initially to provide seamless and comfortable undergarments that smoothly contour the body, Spanx quickly gained popularity for its effective slimming effect and expansive product range, including leggings, jeans, and activewear. Blakely’s idea, born from a personal need for a flattering and invisible undergarment, revolutionized the industry, making Spanx a household name synonymous with confidence-boosting apparel.

Meaning and history

Spanx, a trailblazing shapewear brand, was conceived in 2000 by Sara Blakely in Atlanta, USA. Blakely’s journey began with a pair of scissors and pantyhose, aiming to create an undergarment that offered a smooth silhouette under white slacks. Investing $5,000 from her savings, she developed a prototype, navigating patenting and manufacturing processes herself. Despite initial rejections, her persistence paid off when Neiman Marcus onboarded her products. Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement in 2000 catapulted Spanx to fame. Spanx expanded its repertoire beyond shapewear, encompassing a variety of body-shaping garments, becoming synonymous with innovation and female empowerment in the apparel industry. Blakely’s entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving approach turned Spanx into a multi-million dollar enterprise, redefining women’s wardrobe essentials.

What is Spanx?
Spanx is a pioneering apparel brand, famed for reinventing shapewear with comfort and style. Launched by Sara Blakely in 2000, it initially focused on seamless undergarments for a smooth, flattering look under clothes. Today, Spanx’s range has grown to include various clothing items, all designed to enhance body confidence with innovative, figure-enhancing designs.


Spanx logo

The Spanx logo presents a bold, modern aesthetic with stark black lettering on a white backdrop. “SPANX” is emblazoned in large, capital letters, imparting a solid, assertive presence. Beneath it, “BY SARA BLAKELY” is written in a smaller font, paying homage to the founder’s personal touch. The typeface is sans-serif, exuding sleekness and simplicity. A registered trademark symbol crowns the logo, signaling the brand’s established reputation and authenticity in the fashion industry.

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