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DKNY is one of the two main clothing labels created by the American fashion designer Donna Karan. Based in New York, DKNY sells fashion goods for men and women. It was founded in 1984.

Meaning and history

DKNY Logo history
The current DKNY logo is perfectly legible and simple. There is nothing but the four glyphs comprising the name of the brand. The letters belong to a simple sans serif type with even width of the line throughout the letters. This adds a modern and utilitarian touch.

1984 – Today

DKNY logo 1984
The previous logo was slightly different. To begin with, there was the lettering “Donna Karan New York.” In a way, it was meant to emphasize the connection between the two brands. It appeared that this “relationship” added some weight to the DKNY brand. The current design, on the contrary, shows it as an independent label.

2016 – Today

DKNY logo

The current DKNY logo also visually hints that it is aimed at a younger audience. In the language of design, this message is conveyed with the help of taller, narrower letters – the old ones look by far wider. This is pretty natural as DKNY was originally created as a less expensive clothing line for younger women.

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