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Emporio Armani is the second-largest brand of the Italian luxury fashion house Giorgio Armani S.p.A. It offers ready-to-wear and runway collections focusing on trends and modern traits.

Meaning and history

Emporio Armani Logo history

Emporio Armani’s youth clothing and accessories line was created by Giorgio Armani in 1981. Under this brand, the Italian Fashion House Giorgio Armani started producing clothes in casual style for young audiences of 20-35 years old. Therefore, prices for Emporio Armani products are more affordable in comparison with the main line of the Fashion House.

Emporio Armani takes part in the Pret-a-porter Fashion Week and is sold in mono-brand boutiques around the world. Over the years, Emporio Armani ambassadors have included David and Victoria Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox, Rafael Nadal, Rihanna, and Shawn Mendes.

For the fans of glossy publications, Emporio Armani Magazine has been published since 1989. In the same year the first Emporio Armani Express restaurant opened in London and the Emporio Armani Gift Collection, a line of items for the home, was launched.

In 1997 Emporio Armani introduced watches and decorative cosmetics Emporio Armani Beauty Components, and in 2002 production of the EMPORIO ARMANI Gioielli jewelry line was launched. In 2005 the brand launched the Emporio Armani Red product line. All the funds received from Emporio Armani Red products sales are directed to the fund helping African women and children with AIDS.

What is Emporio Armani?
Emporio Armani is the name of an affordable line of casual clothes and accessories by the famous Italian fashion house Armani. The sub-brand was established in 1981, and today hasboutiques all over the globe, offering garments and accessories for men and women.

1975 – Today

Giorgio Armani Logo 1975

The Emporio Armani logo has been inspired by the main Giorgio Armani logo.

1975 – Today

To begin with, both of them feature the same typeface. It is a rather elegant serif font with varying stroke width. The letters are placed so close to each other that they stick in several cases like they do in the logo of the main line.

Also, you can see the iconic bird with its wings spread wide, which can be seen in the logo of the parent brand.

Font and Color

The elegant uppercase lettering from the primary Emporio Armani badge is set in a traditional serif font with sophisticated lines and long serifs. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, GHEA Aram Medium or LGSH David Medium, but with an elongated and curved tail of the letter “R”.

As for the color palette of the Emporio Armani visual identity, it is based on a simple yet chic black-and-white scheme, which is timeless and always actual. The black lines look confident and luxurious, allowing the logo to be placed on various backgrounds without losing its unique character.