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Nestled in the heart of Bodelshausen, the Speidel brand, birthed by the Speidels, is a beacon of innovation in lingerie, intertwining impeccable quality with a green conscience. Speidel has carved a niche for itself, where elegance meets eco-awareness, offering a line of intimates that pamper the skin while honoring nature’s balance.

Meaning and history

Speidel, established in 1952 in Bodelshausen, Germany, is renowned for its high-quality, sustainable lingerie. Emphasizing comfort and style, the company is a family-run business, currently managed by the Speidel family. Over the years, Speidel has emphasized ethical production, with factories in Germany, Hungary, and Romania, focusing on fair working conditions. Their commitment to using eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and SeaCell distinguishes them in the lingerie industry.

Speidel’s philosophy combines traditional craftsmanship with modern, sustainable practices, catering to the contemporary, environmentally-conscious consumer.

What is Speidel?
Born from the vision of its founders, Rosa and Hans, in ’52, Speidel has emerged as a symbol of both luxury and sustainability in the lingerie landscape of Germany. With an ethos woven from eco-conscious threads, the Speidel name is synonymous with ethical elegance. This family-led venture marries the soft touch of tradition with the firm embrace of environmental stewardship, creating intimate apparel that not only looks and feels luxurious but also honors the planet.


Speidel logo

The Speidel logo exudes a modern simplicity with its clean, sans-serif typography. A single pink dot punctuates the stark black letters, suggesting a focus on detail and uniqueness. “Conscious Since 1952” underscores the brand’s longstanding commitment to thoughtful production and design.