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Passionata is a lingerie brand created by Chantelle, a French company renowned for its craftsmanship in intimate apparel. Established in the late 20th century in France, Passionata is designed to embody a playful, sensual, and fashion-forward style. It targets a younger demographic, offering a blend of comfort, modern aesthetics, and feminine elegance. The brand stands out for its vibrant designs and use of delicate materials, catering to women seeking both style and quality in their lingerie choices.

Meaning and history

Passionata, a subsidiary of the historic Chantelle Group, represents a vibrant chapter in the world of French lingerie. Founded over a century ago, Chantelle laid its roots in 1876 as a small corsetry workshop in Paris. Evolution and innovation were key, leading to the launch of Passionata in 1988. This brand emergence marked a fresh, youthful turn in the intimate apparel sector.

Crafted for the modern, fashion-conscious woman, Passionata infused playful charm and spirited designs into its collections. It diverged from Chantelle’s classic elegance, targeting a younger demographic with its bold colors, contemporary patterns, and flirtatious cuts. The brand quickly became synonymous with spirited femininity, blending comfort with a trendy edge.

Despite its more recent inception, Passionata carries the legacy of Chantelle’s craftsmanship, quality, and attention to detail. This connection ensures a blend of tradition and innovation, a hallmark of the Chantelle Group’s enduring success in the lingerie industry.

Passionata stands as a testament to the evolving nature of lingerie, adapting to changing styles and consumer desires while maintaining its core ethos of playful sophistication and quality. Its journey mirrors the broader narrative of lingerie’s evolution from mere functionality to a symbol of personal style and empowerment.

What is Passionata by Chantelle?
Passionata by Chantelle is a dynamic lingerie line, born from the prestigious French Chantelle Group. It captures the essence of youthful exuberance and modern femininity, offering an eclectic mix of bold, fashionable designs and comfort-focused styles for the contemporary woman. This brand stands as a vibrant symbol of playful elegance in the world of intimate apparel.


Passionata by Chantelle logo

The logo presents a stark contrast with its bold, capitalized ‘PASSIONATA’ text, exuding confidence. Below, the phrase ‘By CHANTELLE’ is modestly sized, establishing a clear hierarchy. The choice of a sans-serif font lends a contemporary, clean aesthetic, which resonates with the brand’s modern, chic identity. The simplicity of the black text on a white background encapsulates elegance, making the logo versatile and instantly recognizable.

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