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One of the most recognizable U.S. clothing brands, Guess sells a diverse range of clothes for men and women. In addition to this, it offers watches, jewelry, and shoes. The company’s history dates back to 1981 when Georges Marciano created his famous book of styles.GUESS Logo

Meaning and history

GUESS Logo History

The logo that the GUESS company currently uses is far from being minimalistic. In a way, it can be explained by the fact that it’s quite an old emblem. In the 1980s, when jeans by this brand were incredibly popular, such emblems were quite common, while now there is a tendency for more minimalistic images.


GUESS symbol

The symbol features an inverted triangle containing the word GUESS written in capital letters. In addition to this, there are words “U.S.A” and “Washed jeans” inside the triangle, as well as the mysterious numbers “1201” and “1203”. One more characteristic feature is the question mark with a triangle instead of the dot.

Emblem and Georges Marciano lawsuit

GUESS emblem

In 1993 Georges Marciano, the company’s ex-chairman, launched a suit against it, blaming Guess in using the Marciano name as a part of its logo without the approval of Georges Marciano. This was just one of the episodes of the family feud between Georges Marciano and his brothers who gained control of the company earlier in 1993. In 2015 one more suit of the same kind was filed, accusing Guess in the illegal use of the “Guess by Georges Marciano” logo.


Colors GUESS Logo

There are three colors – red, black, and white – each conjuring a whole set of connotations and ideas. The brightest of the colors, red, symbolizes love and passion. Black and white, representing elegance and purity respectively, create a harmonious triad with the red color.



In terms of typeface, creators of the GUESS logo were quite traditional: they opted for the Times New Roman font. The black letters appear on the white background.