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The minimalistic Victoria’s Secret logo has undergone a lot of transformations. The earlier versions have a retro feel, while today the wordmark has a more utilitarian look.

Meaning and history

Victoria Secret Logo

One of the earliest wordmarks, which was featured on the 1977 catalogue, sports a vintage script with many fine details. In the mid-1980s, however, simpler and clearer typefaces, both serif and sans-serif ones, started to be used. The company experimented with the font weight and proportions before setting on what looks very close the current version in the 1990s.


Victoria Secret symbol

The basic logotype is a simple wordmark in black on the white background. All the letters in the serif typeface are capitalized, yet the initials are slightly higher than all the other letters. In addition to the primary logo, a variety of other symbols are used, including the monogram, patterns, and logotypes for the company’s sub-brands.

Who worked at the emblem?

Victoria Secret emblem

Throughout its history, the brand has used the efforts of its in-house team and help from brand agencies. Among the firms that have worked on the brand was the Mucca’s studio, which created an internal brand book, provided VS with an updated logo, a new monogram, as well as a set of patterns and icons.

The New York-based Studio 191 participated in updating and developing the Victoria’s Secret logo, created verbal and visual identity for the company’s sub-brands, including The Lacie, Hosiery, Supermodel Essentials, VSX, and more.


victoria secret logo font

In the 2000s, the company used a customized version of the Trajan font from Adobe (created by Carol Twombly in 1989). Later, the brand switched to the Bell typeface from Monotype, which was also modified.


Color Victoria Secret Logo

Say “Victoria’s Secret” and everyone will think “pink”. However, it’s not the only color associated with the brand. Black is also used extensively, to make the main color look more refined. White is often used either for the background, or as an accent color.

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