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Yasmine Eslami is a Paris-based lingerie and swimwear brand, founded by the designer Yasmine Eslami herself. Launched, Eslami, who honed her skills at prestigious fashion houses, aimed to create elegant, comfortable, and modern underwear and swimwear. Her collections emphasize simplicity and understated sensuality, drawing inspiration from her Parisian surroundings and personal experiences. The brand reflects a blend of contemporary style with traditional craftsmanship, appealing to those who appreciate refined yet effortless lingerie.

Meaning and history

Yasmine Eslami, an illustrious lingerie and swimwear label, embarked on its journey in 2010, anchored in the heart of Paris. Its founder, Eslami herself, brought a wealth of experience from her tenure at prestigious fashion institutions, notably under the tutelage of Vivienne Westwood in London. Eslami’s vision was clear: to forge a line that resonated with modern elegance and subtle sensuality, a reflection of her own Parisian chic style.

Her collections swiftly gained acclaim for their minimalist yet sophisticated approach, a fusion of classic French allure and contemporary finesse. Eslami’s designs stood out for their meticulous attention to detail and comfort, seamlessly blending luxurious fabrics with impeccable cuts. Her creations catered to those seeking lingerie and swimwear that accentuated natural beauty without overstatement.

As the brand evolved, it stayed true to its roots, consistently emphasizing quality and understated luxury. Yasmine Eslami’s designs have become synonymous with a unique aesthetic that straddles the line between everyday comfort and special occasion elegance. The brand’s growth can be attributed to its dedication to craftsmanship and a keen understanding of what modern women desire in intimate apparel.

Yasmine Eslami enjoys a coveted position in the world of high-end lingerie and swimwear, celebrated for its refined, yet approachable style, embodying the essence of Parisian chic with a universal appeal.

What is Yasmine Eslami?
Yasmine Eslami is a distinguished Parisian brand, renowned for crafting elegant and contemporary lingerie and swimwear. Founded by its namesake, Yasmine Eslami, in 2010, the brand has carved a niche in the fashion world with its unique blend of modern sophistication and classic French aesthetics, offering pieces that celebrate subtle sensuality and comfort.

2010 – Today

Yasmine Eslami logo

The logo displayed is a text-based design featuring the name “YASMINE ESLAMI” in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The letters are black on a white background, projecting a stark, modern simplicity. The typeface’s clean lines suggest a contemporary and fashionable aesthetic, mirroring the minimalistic elegance of the brand it represents. The uniformity of the lettering conveys a sense of sophistication and clarity, aligning with the luxurious identity of the Parisian fashion label.