NHL Logo (National Hockey League)

NHL Logo

The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league comprising a little more than 30 teams, both in the US and Canada.

NHL Logo Meaning and history

NHL Logo history

The NHL was created in 1917, in Montreal, Canada. Initially, there were only four teams, but with the expansion to the US, the number of teams started growing very fast. Today, it is the most important organization in its field within the US and Canada.

Earliest symbol NHL

symbol NHL

The famous shield logo was introduced in 1946 (according to other sources, in 1917). It featured a shield shape given in orange and black colors.

Current NHL emblem

NHL emblem

The current logo, which was adopted in 2005, looks very similar to the previous one, at least the core visual metaphor remains the same: a shield shape. However, the black-and-brown color scheme has been replaced by the black-and-white one (with shades of silver grey). One more notable change refers to the way the diagonal lettering is positioned (it goes upward now). The typeface has also been slightly tweaked.

Font of the NHL Logo

Font NHL Logo

The custom typeface used for the National Hockey League wordmark is neither a serif nor a san-serif one. Each letter has only one serif, while all the other ends of the characters are not “covered” by serifs.

Color of the NHL Logo

Color NHL Logo

The current NHL logo is monochromatic, using only black and white. In addition to this, silvery shades of grey appear in the emblem as a result of the gradient effect.

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