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FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) – is a non-profit international governing body of association football, beach soccer, and futsal.
The FIFA logo is the FIFA wordmark written in huge bold capital letters topped with two hemispheres to symbolize the organization’s round-the-world presence. The hemispheres depict the continents and feature a white pentagonal soccer ball pattern. The continents are colored in gold yellow, and the oceans – in blue, to symbolize optimism, drive, passion, grace, and excellence. The FIFA logo is among the most recognizable ones in the world.
Fifa logo history

Symbol 1928-1997

fifa symbol
The FIFA logo has gone a long way until it has become what it is now. However, for almost all of its history, the logotype has revolved around the depiction of the two hemispheres. The earliest emblem (1928) was given in black and white and contained the full name of the organization. In 1977, the name was shortened to FIFA, while blue and yellow were added to the palette.

Emblem 1998-present

fifa emblem
In 1998, the hemispheres were colored yellow and blue. Also, they received an attractive 3D update. This version contained the typeface used in the FIFA wordmark even now. In 2010, the FIFA emblem was simplified: only the wordmark and (optionally) the slogan were left, while the hemispheres disappeared.