Detroit Red Wings Logo

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Detroit Red Wings Logo
The ice hockey team Detroit Red Wings has been incredibly conservative in its brand identity. The iconic logo introduced in 1933 was tweaked for the last time in 1948 and hasn’t experienced any updates ever since.

Meaning and History logo

history Detroit Red Wings Logo

The history of the team dates back to 1926 when the Western Hockey League was close to folding. In the spring of 1926, the National Hockey League approved one of five groups seeking a team for Detroit, which was known as the Townsend-Seyburn group. The team included the players sold to the NHL from the WHL’s Victoria Cougars. The new club was named Cougars in honor of the team.

Old logo

Old logo Detroit Red Wings
The original emblem featured a red “D” (the initial letter of the team’s home city) given in Old English style. The background was white, so we can point out that the team has been loyal to its distinctive white-and-red color scheme since its first year.
In 1927, the Detroit Cougars adopted a modified emblem. The Old English “D,” which now was white and had a somewhat different shape, could be seen in a red shield with white and red frames.
The period wasn’t successful for the team, so eventually, in 1930, it changed its name and logo, in an attempt to change its luck. The Detroit Falcons had a simple wordmark logo with the word “Detroit” arched over “Falcons.” Both the words were given in yellow letters with a thin red outline.

Birth of symbol

Detroit Red Wings symbol
Having purchased the franchise in 1932, millionaire James Norris decided to change its brand identity completely. When he was young, he used to belong to the MAAA Winged Wheelers. The athletes of the club wore kits with a logo depicting a winged wheel. So, Norris decided that such an emblem would be a perfectly natural one for the Motor City.
The club got a new logo, which was the iconic winged wheel emblem in red, and a new name. Interestingly enough, the brand identity marked a turnaround in the team’s fortunes. With this logo Red Wings managed to win their first Stanley Cup in 1936.


Detroit Red Wings Emblem
The history of Detroit Red Wings logo has been rather long, yet it didn’t really change that much during all these years. Its core has preserved the same: an automobile wheel with two wings growing from its center. It has been slightly modified throughout the following 16 years.
The latest redesign so far was unveiled during the 1948/49 season. The updates affected the details of the logo and were hardly noticeable unless you compared the versions side by side. Again, the redesign coincided with very successful games: the club got to the Stanley Cup finals that season and won the Cup in the 1949/50 season.


The red script featured on the Detroit Red Wings logo, with the extended ends of the “R’s” and the “unnecessary” elements on the “D” and “W,” has a retro feel. It looks nothing like the sleek and minimalistic contemporary typefaces. It’s hardly a surprise since the wordmark was introduced back in 1948 and hasn’t been modified ever since.


Detroit Red Wings Logo Color
Minimalistic and contrast, the color scheme includes only an eye-catching shade of red (Pantone 186 C, HEX: #C8102E) and white for the background.