Columbus Blue Jackets Logo

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Columbus Blue Jackets Logo
Columbus Blue Jackets history started in the fall of 1996 when a group of businessmen submitted an application and fee to the NHL office with the aim of establishing an expansion franchise.

Meaning and History logo

Columbus Blue Jackets Logo history

In 2000, the team had its first serious game under the name of Columbus Blue Jackets meaning that its history as a professional club started.

Old logo

Old logo Columbus Blue Jackets
The original logo sported 13 stars symbolizing the 13 colonies. The stars were placed on a red ribbon that formed the letters “CBJ.” The electric yellow hockey stick topped with a star could be seen at the center. The logo also contained the full name of the team, which was removed during the 2004 logo modification.

The 2008 symbol

Columbus Blue Jackets symbol
In 2008, a new era started in the history of the Columbus Blue Jackets logo. While the style and the color scheme of the previous version basically preserved, the emblem itself is absolutely different. At the center of the new logo, there is a silver and white star with a flag wrapping around it. The flag, which forms the letter “C” (for “Columbus”), is actually the flag of the state of Ohio.

Secondary emblem

Columbus Blue Jackets emblem
The alternate logo features a blue and silver cannon encircled with a blue ribbon with the lettering “Columbus Blue Jackets.”


With their retro serifs, the glyphs look unique and recognizable without losing legibility. The wordmark is rather a custom artwork than a combination of letters taken from a ready-made font.


Color Columbus Blue Jackets
The club’s official logo style guide lists three colors: blue (Pantone Color Matching System: 282), red (PMS 186), and flat silver (429). As an alternative to flat silver, metallic white silver (PMS 877) may be used. The Columbus Blue Jackets logo also features white as an additional color.