Italian Serie A logo

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Italian Serie A logo

The top league of the Italian football league system, Serie A was established in 1898. Taking into consideration such a long history, it’s only natural that the league’s logo has undergone considerable modifications.

Italian Serie A logo history

The Italian Serie A logo used at Lega Calcio era showcased a football in white and dark blue, over which the lettering “TIM” and an emblem consisting of three waves were placed. The emblem and the abbreviation referred to Telecom Italia, the league’s major sponsor. Above the football, the lettering “Serie A” could be seen, while below it, you could find the reference to the time period when the logo was used. The whole emblem was placed inside a dark blue circle.

Serie A logo

The palette of the logo used in 2016-2018 added new colors to the color scheme described above. In addition to the white, dark blue, and red of the Telecom Italia (TIM) logo, it also featured golden and green. It was dominated by white, which made the overall visual effect lighter.

Having eliminated the “TIM” lettering, the current Italian Serie A logo preserves the iconic dark blue for the lettering “Serie A.” Gold, red, and green also stay, but now they form a large “A” with an orbit-like element around it.