Philadelphia Flyers Logo

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Flyers LogoThe Philadelphia Flyerslogo has held practically identical appearance, with the only exception with the subtle color modification in 1990.

Meaning and History logo

Philadelphia Flyers Logo history

The author of the iconic logo was designerSam Ciccone, who worked for the Philadelphia-based ad company Mel Richman, which does not exist any more. By the way, Ciccone also designed the team’s first uniform. The logotype was unveiled before the team’s first season in 1967/68.


Flyers Emblem
The winged letter “P” with an orange dot inside symbolizes a hockey puck. There were actually quite a few other versions, but none of them was approved by the club’s owners.


Flyers Symbol
The Philadelphia Flyers logo was place on the 10th place in the NHL logo rankings.


Font Flyers Logo
The wordmark represents the word “Flyers” in a custom all-cap serif font. The letters are black, with a bold black outline. The insignia has not changed since the 1967/68 season.


Color Flyers Logo
All the three colors of the team’s official palette (orange, black, and white) are featured in its logotype. The club owners wanted to find a warm color, but red could be already seen in many sports logos. So, one of the founders, Bill Putman, suggested orange, as it was the official color of the University of Texas, where he used to study.
philadelphia flyers logo