Colorado Avalanche Logo

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Colorado Avalanche Logo
The Colorado Avalanche logo has gone through only one radical overhaul, which was part of the rebranding process when the team was renamed.

Meaning and History logo

Colorado Avalanche Logo history

The Colorado Avalanche logo history started in 1972. The team was founded under the name of Quebec Nordiques and was one of the World Hockey Association original teams.

Old logo

Colorado Avalanche Old logo
The earliest symbol featured a red igloo in the shape of the letter “n.” Next to it, there were a red hockey stick and a blue hockey puck. Paired with the full name of the team, the image was placed inside a red circle frame.


Colorado Avalanche Symbol
The 1986 version was based on the original one. The igloo and the hockey stick were still there, while the name of the team and the circle frame disappeared.


Colorado Avalanche Emblem
Having relocated to Denver, Colorado, in 1996, the team adopted an entirely new brand identity. The Colorado Avalanche symbol is now a large “A” resembling a mountain with an avalanche going around and over it. The avalanche forms the letter “C.”


The custom typeface featured on the Colorado Avalanche logo wordmark perfectly fits the primary emblem and the metaphor behind the team’s name. The shape of the middle bar on the “E” reminds the shape of the “A” on the icon, while the unusual “serifs” on the letters conjure the image of an avalanche.


Colors Colorado Avalanche
The team’s media guide lists the following colors in the official palette: blue (PMS 647), burgundy (PMS 202), silver (PMS 877), gray (PMS 428), and black (Process Black).