Anaheim Ducks Logo


Anaheim Ducks LogoThe fact Anaheim Duckswerecreated by the Walt Disney Company had a great influence on their logotype. The first logos were explicitly cartoonish, while the following versions looked a bit more traditional.

Meaning and history Anaheim Ducks Logo

Anaheim Ducks Logo history

The originalAnaheim Duckslogo (1993)did not look like other sports logotypes at all. It featured a duck-shaped goalie mask placed over two crisscrossed hockey sticks. Behind the sticks, there was an upside down triangle and a circle.

The 2006 symbol Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks symbol

In 2006, following the sale of the franchise to Henry and Susan Samueli, a new logo was introduced. Although formally it was just a wordmark, it looked really unique because of the peculiar shape of each letter.

Current emblem Anaheim Ducks

Anaheim Ducks Emblem

In 2013, the Ducks’ symbol was updated. The current emblem is actually a shortened version of the previous one. It sports a webbed foot in shaped like the letter “D”.It is gold, with orange and black elements.

Font of the Anaheim Ducks Logo

Font Anaheim Ducks Logo

The current emblem features only one letter, “D”, which does not actually look like a “D”. The previous version was built around a very unusual custom all-cap font.

Color of the Anaheim Ducks Logo

Color Anaheim Ducks Logo

The club’s official color palette comprises black, metallic gold, orange, silver, and white. All the five colors can be seen in the Anaheim Ducks logo.