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The iconic Boston Bruins logo featuring “B” inside a spoked circle was created when the ice hockey team was 25 years old. Since then, it has been tweaked several times without losing its identity.

Meaning and History logo

Boston Bruins Logo history

The ice hockey team Boston Bruins, which belongs to the Atlantic Division of the National Hockey League, was established in 1924. Although the team is known as one of the National Hockey League’s Original Six, in fact, it appeared only seven years after the league began to play.
The word “Bruins” was chosen by the team’s general manager Art Ross for several reasons. First, the brown bear is an aggressive and scary animal. Second, the word “Bruins” seems alliterative with “Boston.” Also, the bear perfectly fits the already determined brown color scheme.

Old logo

Old logo Boston Bruins
The choice of the animal for the original logo seemed perfectly natural. The brown bear was sandwiched between the two words of the team’s name. The emblem looked quite reasonable, although there were a couple inconsistencies: the bear seemed to have only three legs, while the two words were given in two different fonts.
The following year, the team updated the emblem adding more contrast and getting rid of some of the problematic elements of the original version.
In 1932, the Block “B” logo was introduced. Although the emblem looked more professional now, it lost its connections with the team and definitely lacked individuality. Moreover, this type of logo looked more like a university logo. The color scheme was slightly updated for the following season – brown was replaced by black.

Spoked-B symbol

symbol Boston Bruins
Probably the most important moment of the Boston Bruins logo history took place in 1948 when they introduced their iconic Spoked-B emblem. In the original version, the “B” was flanked by the numbers 24 and 49 (the team’s first and anniversary years). It is believed that the image represents Boston as the “hub of the solar system” – the metaphor introduced by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., American poet of the 1800s.

The 2007 emblem

emblem Boston Bruins
The Spoked-B Boston Bruins symbol was updated in 1994 and 2007. Today, all the golden elements have black outlines. The shade of black is now less dark.


The typeface featured on the Boston Bruins wordmark logo is available under the name of NHL Bruins. The font was crafted by Jayde Garrow.


Color Boston Bruins Logo
The overall color scheme has remained mostly consistent. Although the brown color of the original Boston Bruins emblem was eventually replaced by black, it didn’t change the overall effect that much, just created a better contrast. Brown and yellow were chosen for the earliest logo so that it would fit the color scheme of the chain of grocery stores that belonged to the original owner of the team, Boston grocery magnate Charles Adams.