San Jose Sharks Logo

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San Jose Sharks Logo
The ice hockey team San Jose Sharks has modified its logo not less than four times throughout around 30 years of its history. However, its core hasn’t changed that much. The updates only made the logo more professional and refined without touching the central visual metaphor – a shark crushing a hockey stick.

Meaning and History logo

San Jose Sharks Logo history

The team joined the NHL before the 1991/92 playing season. It was established by Gordon and George Gund III as an expansion team. As part of the deal, they had to sell their share of the North Stars club but were allowed to bring several North Stars players to their new team.
The name-the-team contest attracted a lot of people – over 5,000 proposals were received. The winning name, from the point of view of the number of votes, was “Blades.” However, the Gunds were reluctant to choose this name as it conjured up negative “weapon” connotations. So, they opted for the name “Sharks,” which was the second on the list.
The inspiration for the name was connected with the club’s location – there’re seven varieties of sharks in the Pacific Ocean, while the Bay Area has been notorious for its “red triangle” – an incredibly dangerous part of the ocean near the Bay Area, where a lot of sharks live. In fact, the triangle that has been present on the SJ Sharks logo so far is believed to symbolize the famous “red triangle” near the Bay Area. Other sources, though, point out that the triangle represents the Bay Area trifecta of San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland.
Matt Levine, the head of the marketing department, pointed out that the club owners liked the idea of the “Sharks” name because these creatures were associated with such qualities as determination, speed, agility, and fearlessness.

Old logo

Old logo San Jose Sharks
The first emblem in the San Jose Sharks logo history looked very dark. The shark, which was the central figure of the design, was black. It was crushing a yellow hockey stick with its sharp white teeth. The shark was coming out of a triangle shape, which was black and teal. The author of the original logo was Terry Smith, who also developed the following versions, as well as the design of the SJ Sharks uniform.


San Jose Sharks Logo Symbol
The 1999 logo update was a subtle one – its most notable part was a shift in the color scheme. The light orange hockey stick of the earliest logo was replaced by a more saturated shade of orange.
The following redesign was a more profound one. The shark’s position and look were changed in a way that made the creature appear much scarier than before. Now, teal started to play a more prominent role: it appeared not only as part of the triangle but was also the color of the top of the shark’s body.

The 2008 emblem

San Jose Sharks Logo emblem
San Jose Sharks new logo features an updated color scheme, with a lighter shade of teal. The modification seems to have been perfectly reasonable, as it has made the logo clearer: now, it’s easier to make out the smaller details of the design.


Probably the most eye-catching and unusual letter on all the team’s wordmarks is the “A,” which has a particularly recognizable top part. It looks like the text has been drawn by hand rather than put up out of an existing typeface.


Color San Jose Sharks Logo
The color combination used on the San Jose Sharks logo is unique and instantly memorable. The emblem is dominated by black and Deep Pacific teal, while Burnt orange is used to create accents. White is preserved for the background and small details. The shade of teal is pretty similar to the Pantone 3155 C color, while the shade of orange resembles Pantone 152 C orange.