Buffalo Sabres Logo

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Buffalo Sabres Logo
Although the logo of the ice hockey team Buffalo Sabres has always featured a buffalo as its central element, the creature hasn’t looked the same all the time. Following a series of design experiments in 1997-2009, the franchise eventually returned to its original logo.

Meaning and History logo

history Buffalo Sabres Logo

The team started playing within the system of the National Hockey League in 1970. The name was chosen during a name-the-team contest held by the club’s first owners, the brothers Seymour H. Knox III and Northrup Knox.

Old logo

Old logo Buffalo Sabres
The earliest logo was introduced during the 1970/71 playing season. Here, a white charging buffalo was featured inside a blue circle with a yellow outline. Below the animal, there were two crossed sabers. While the sabers themselves were white, their handles were yellow. The only element that didn’t comply with the white-blue-yellow color scheme, was the buffalo’s eye – being red and quite large, it looked menacing and was supposed to scare off the team’s opponents (or at least give a hint that a game can be not that easy).

The 1997 symbol

Buffalo Sabres symbol
The creature’s aggressiveness was even more pronounced in the following version of the Sabres logo, which was unveiled in 1997. Here, only the buffalo’s head could be seen, which gave the designer a chance to put an additional emphasis on the eye. The author of the logo also tried to draw the muzzle itself in a way that showed the buffalo was ready to attack. Bright red was used to accentuate the eye and the nostrils, as well as to create the outline. The animal itself was white, silver, and red.
While the shape of the logo elements remained the same until 2006, there was a subtle, barely noticeable shift in the shade of red in 2000.

“Buffaslug” emblem

Buffalo Sabres emblem
The 2007/08 playing season saw the franchise with an entirely new logo. The buffalo and his red eye were still there, yet now they looked entirely different. The design was more abstract, stylized; there were fewer realistic details. While preserving its menacing air, the logo also acquired a sense of motion and dynamism – the buffalo was leaping forward.
The emblem, which was nicknamed Buffaslug, featured five colors: yellow, navy blue, white, silver, and red. Red was used for the eye only, like on the original logo. The fact that yellow and dark blue were used also made the logo closer to the team’s first emblem.

New logo

New logo Buffalo Sabres
In 2011, the Buffalo Sabres symbol was revisited once again. Now, the NHL team decided to return to its roots – the design is nothing but an updated version of its earliest logo. Once again, we can see a white buffalo charging to the left and two crisscrossed sabers, again there’s a blue circle for the background and a yellow outline.
However, the current version looks more professional and modern. The outlines of the bull and the sabers are made in a way that makes them stand out – the effect emphasized by the darker shade of blue. The shade of yellow has become nobler than on the original logo; it now looks golden. Due to the bolder frame, the overall design has acquired a more refined look.


While the primary Buffalo Sabres logo doesn’t contain any text, the team has a wordmark that can be used on its own. The two-lined wordmark features the word “Buffalo” in blue with a saber going through it and the word “Sabres” in yellow with a blue outline. Both the words are a custom artwork rather than an existing typeface.


Buffalo Sabres Logo Colors
Blue, white, and yellow are the colors that have been used for most of Buffalo Sabres logo history, although their shades have varied. These are also the colors comprising the palette of the current logo, where they are featured together with silver.