Blackhawks Logo

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Blackhawks Logo
The Blackhawks logo has gone through quite a few amendments since its introduction in 1927. However, its visual core remained essentially the same, so in fact it has been more of a transformation of one and the same emblem rather than a succession of different emblems.

Meaning and History logo

Blackhawks Logo history

The earliest emblem was created by Irene Castle, the wife of the club’s original owner, the coffee tycoon Frederic McLaughlin. It represented a side view of a Native American’s head encircled by the words: “Chicago Black Hawks” (originally the name of the club was given in three separate words). The only colors present in the logo were black and white.

Symbol: 1936-1999

Blackhawks symbol
In 1936, two more colors appeared, in addition to black and white. The Indian’s head was red, while his hair was light-brown. Otherwise, the emblem remained the same. The version introduced two years later looked pretty similar, except for the background: the black color was replaced by white.
blackhawks new logo
The club went on experimenting with the shape of the Native American’s face, as well as the color palette until in 1966 it introduced the logo that looks pretty much like the current one, except for subtle color differences.

Current emblem

emblem Blackhawks
The latest notable update took place in 1999. It included just a slight shift in the color scheme: the face grew darker, while the outline was colored in a brighter shade of yellow. The green, the yellow, and the blue colors of the feathers also became brighter.


Font Blackhawks Logo
The logo does not include a wordmark, so any fitting typeface may be used to spell the name of the team.


Color Blackhawks Logo
From the point of view of the color scheme, the current Chicago Blackhawks logo is rather rich. The war paint on the face of the Indian is red, black, and white, while the feathers feature red, green, blue, white, yellow, and orange. We should also mention the golden color of the Indian’s face, as well as his dark brown (or even black) hair. The team’s official colors are red, black, and white.
chicago blackhawks logo