Toronto Maple Leafs Logo

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Toronto Maple Leafs Logo
The logo of the ice hockey team Toronto Maple Leafs has featured a maple leaf ever since the club received its current name more than 90 years ago. The leaf hasn’t been the same, though – both its shape and its color have been changed more than once.

Meaning and History logo

Toronto Maple Leafs Logo history

The club started its history in 1917 under the name of Toronto Arenas and was renamed Toronto St. Patricks three years later. Throughout this period, the team went through more than five logos. All of them were text-based emblems in green or dark blue.

Old logo

Old logo Toronto Maple Leafs
The first logo adopted after the team received its current name in 1927 featured a solid green maple leaf with the word “Toronto” below. By the following season, the image was dark blue, with the full name of the team written over the leaf. In the 1938 version, the type and the overall shape of the leaf were modified.


Toronto Maple Leafs Symbol
The vein motif survived through the following redesign in 1963 when the leaf got a thin white outline. The new logo must have looked a bit overdone as the team made it much simpler only three years later. Now, there were no veins and no outlines, just a solid blue leaf and minimalistic typeface for the name of the team. The following update in the Toronto Maple Leafs logo history took place in 1970.


Toronto Maple Leafs Emblem
In advance of the 2016/17 season, almost half a century after the previous modification, the team eventually dared update its emblem once again. The logo 2017 had the following symbolic elements:

  • 31 points to refer to the year 1931 when Maple Leaf Gardens opened
  • 13 veins at the top as a reminder of the club’s Stanley Cup Championships
  • 17 veins altogether to refer to the year of 1917 when the club was established

The outline has disappeared, which helped to make the emblem cleaner.


Color Toronto Maple Leafs Logo
There’re only two colors in the Toronto Maple Leafs logo: dark blue and white. While the earliest logo was green, shades of dark blue have been present in the color scheme since the second version of the leaf logo was adopted in 1928.