Washington Capitals Logo

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Washington Capitals Logo
After a decade of using the bald eagle and Capitol logos, the ice hockey team Washington Capitals eventually decided to return to its original wordmark logo.

Meaning and History logo

Washington Capitals Logo history

The Capitals started to play in the National Hockey League as an expansion team in 1974. The club’s first owner was Abe Pollin. Although the inaugural season was dreadful and the first decade didn’t bring much success, either, the team eventually managed to get to the professional level and became highly competitive.

Old logo

Old logo Washington Capitals
The Washington Capitals logo history started in 1977. The original emblem was based on the name of the team where the “T” reminded a hockey stick. The quasi-Helvetica backward-italic font didn’t look unique at all, yet it was perfectly legible and recognizable enough. Also, the slanted glyphs created a dynamic feel. There were six blue and red stars above the wordmark.
The number of stars changed more than once throughout the following thirty years, while the word “Washington” grew smaller. Nevertheless, the overall look of the logo remained consistent.


Washington Capitals Symbol
In the mid-90s, black became extremely popular among the clubs that belonged to the National Hockey League. For this reason, as well as in an attempt to improve merchandise sales, the Caps adopted a completely new logo for the 1996/97 playing season. It was now built around an American bald eagle. The streaking eagle had five bronze stars on its wings and body, while below it, there was the lettering “Capitals” in bronze with a blue outline. The color scheme now included bronze, black, red, blue, and white.
Also, the team adopted a new secondary logo depicting the Capitol dome with two crisscrossed hockey sticks and two bronze stars.
By the following season, the primary logo went through a subtle modification, as the result of which the text disappeared from it.
In 2003, the secondary logo (the one with the Capital dome) was promoted to the primary status, while the eagle became the alternative Washington Capitals symbol. Now, the primary logo included the full name of the club.

The 2007 emblem

Washington Capitals emblem
Like many NHL teams, the Caps eventually decided to go back to their roots or, to be precise, to the 1974 version of the logo. They didn’t leave it as it was, though. The backward-italic typography was replaced by a regular italic font. The three red stars appeared at the top adding upward movement for the eye. We can suggest that the eye movement scheme for the new logo version is as follows: first, the eyes go diagonally up (from the “C” to the stars), reach the top of the hockey club, go down, and then return to the “C.”
The color scheme was also reminiscent of the original palette, although both the shades of red and blue grew darker and more saturated.

Logo font

As a font-based logo, the Washington Capitals emblem gets much of its style from the typography it uses.  Each of the two words features a different type. “Washington” may look pretty generic. And yet, as its main purpose is just to let the word “Capitals” shine through, this simple type seems a perfect choice. While the letter “T” has the shape of a hockey stick, the “P” also plays with the same theme, although in this case, the similarity with a hockey stick isn’t so apparent.


Color Washington Capitals Logo
All the three colors of the official palette – dark blue, red, and white – can be seen on the Washington Capitals logo. The same scheme   is used for the kits. The Hex indexes of the Washington Capitals colors are as follows: #01183F (blue), #FFFFFF (white), and #D00328 (red).