Spanish La Liga logo

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Bright and colorful, the logo of the Primera División has been inspired by the rainbow. Here, you can see all the seven colors, from red to violet. The colored patches seem to have once been parts of a thick ring and now are just placed randomly around a football. Below the emblem, there’s the lettering “LaLiga” (without the proper space between the “a” and the capital “L”). Because of the fact that there’s a capital letter in the middle of the word and the “i” is slightly higher than in most other typefaces, the lettering on the Spanish La Liga logo also has a chaotic effect to it.

Meaning and history

Spanish La Liga Logo history

The previous logo (2000-2014) looked almost the same, except for the lettering “LFP.”

1984 — 1993

Spanish La Liga Logo 1984
It’s interesting, how the very first La Liga logo had nothing in common at all with the bright minimalist badger the whole world knows today. Could be understandable if the visual identity of one of the most famous football leagues across the globe had been redesigned many times throughout the years, but it was only twice. So the initial La Liga badge featured a vertically oriented badge in a rectangular frame with softened corners and emboldened bottom line. Inside the badge, there was a stylized LFP monogram, where the “L” was drawn as a triangle, and placed on the left and a bit above the “FP”, which shared one vertical bar. The black and white football ball was drawn in small size in the bottom left corner between the letters of the monogram. This badge stayed with the league for almost ten years.

1993 — 2016

Spanish La Liga Logo 1993

The redesign of 1993 introduced a predecessor of the today-famous color-spectrum logo. It was a simple flat black-and-white drawing of a football ball enclosed in a circular frame composed of seven fragments in different colors from yellow to green. Under the graphical emblem, there was a simple “LFP” wordmark in a narrowed sans-serif typeface, in black, with the tall letters having clean contours and medium-weight lines.

2016 — Today

Spanish La Liga logo
In 2016 the La Liga badge was slightly refined, by making the colors of the emblem brighter, the framing elements wider, and placing the graphical part on the left from the new wordmark. The logotype now featured “La Liga” in a bold full-shaped Sans-serif typeface, with the black letters executed in a title case and two parts of the league’s name placed with no extra space between each other.