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Bright and colorful, the logo of the Primera División has been inspired by the rainbow. Here, you can see all the seven colors, from red to violet. The colored patches seem to have once been parts of a thick ring and now are just placed randomly around a football. Below the emblem, there’s the lettering “LaLiga” (without the proper space between the “a” and the capital “L”). Because of the fact that there’s a capital letter in the middle of the word and the “i” is slightly higher than in most other typefaces, the lettering on the Spanish La Liga logo also has a chaotic effect to it.

Meaning and history

Spanish La Liga Logo history

The previous logo (2000-2014) looked almost the same, except for the lettering “LFP.”

1984 — 1993

Spanish La Liga Logo 1984

1993 — 2016

Spanish La Liga Logo 1993

2016 — Today

Spanish La Liga logo